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End March 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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Neptune – our Desire for Connection to Source /God/Goddess/All That Is – in Pisces – 2024

The above words from the Record Keepers, involving the expression of thanksgiving, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and divine love come under the energies of planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces.  I haven’t written about Neptune’s transit through its home sign of Pisces for some time. Neptune governs our soul’s yearning to reconnect to divinity, to Source. We often wait until we are in dire circumstances before we pray to God for salvation. Neptune is nearing the final degrees of Pisces but doesn’t move into Aries until 26 November 2025.

The accelerated evolutionary process currently taking place is to assist us to reconnect with God/Goddess, the higher power that can only be found within. Your soul yearns for this reconnection. This spiritual yearning is now being felt by people from all walks of life. Surrendering your lower ego self to your higher self, your Christ Light within, is now desperately needed. We do not have to die to experience this ecstatic reconnection. Part of the surrendering process involves genuine and sincere forgiveness, ultimately of ourselves for creating debilitating life situations.

I share with my students and clients a healing mantra I found in the fabulous book Love Without EndJesus Speaks, by Glenda Green: “I did the best I could with what I knew at the time, and I forgive myself for my lack of rightful understanding”.

When the words of this forgiveness process are spoken with sincerity, and deeply felt as truth, healing occurs.

From observation of the 2024 energies thus far, it appears that a stronger, more courageous and forthright feminine energy is operative on our planet now. For example: Mary Magdalen has come back into my consciousness to assist my planetary service work.  She assisted me in the writing of my Magdalen Codes book.  I view her as representing the feminine goddess energy for the Age of Aquarius. Her energy is working to transform much of the  chaotic conditions  prevalent on Earth now, bringing to us an expanded form of empathy, love and wisdom.

At the upcoming Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse 5 degrees 07 mins. Libra on 25th March 2024, there will be a wonderful opportunity for people to choose internal love, harmony, and peace enabling our internal masculine and feminine energies to  harmonise. This evolutionary growth opportunity may come about through emotional upheaval because a Full Moon often brings up old memories that contain emotions. The theme with this upcoming Lunar Eclipse and Libra Full Moon is relative to relationships i.e.  ‘Me’ and ‘We’. The Sabian symbol associated with this degree of the zodiac is: “a man watches his ideas taking a concrete form before his inner vision”. This eclipse requires that we develop a clear idea of our identities -to know ourselves so we can be our true divine selves, and so connect to others in relationship from this state of being whole. To assist the process we can ask:

“How can I bring into balance my personal Aries/Libra opposition within me? If I want to create greater love, peace and harmony externally I need to first create it internally first. Best I roll up my sleeves, face this fact and take responsibility for doing so”. It’s always valuable to bear in mind that we cannot make life-enhancing changes from the level of consciousness with which our issues were created. When things get bumpy in life we must go higher.

An unaware mind and heart thrive on expressing a dysfunctional lower form of masculine energy – causing life-threatening divisions in all area of life. This dominating masculine energy also adversely affects our planet. By dumping anger, hate and aggression on to another is also dumping anger on to our planet. This toxic energy manifests as damaging weather conditions, greed, crime and lack of compassion.

The feminine energy of personal empowerment through divine love and nurturance is what is needed to be developed within every male and female on our planet. Reflect for a moment on the wars that the hard, unloving masculine dominating and prejudiced energy of belief has created. Where is the love?  Wars have never, and can never, bring peace.

Mary Magdalen was an internally strong, open minded and deeply loving women of clarity, wisdom and beauty with a strong determination to do what she could to support her beloved Yeshua and also to teach his wisdom to the women within her field of influence. Trained in the esoteric mysteries of Egypt, India, and the west she understood at a deeper level the cosmic star energies and their relevance in everyday life.

She first came to me around 1996 when I decided to study evolutionary astrology with USA astrologer Jeff Green.  I had been to one of his workshops and felt a deep connection to his in-depth work on Pluto and the evolutionary journey of the soul. My heart and soul wanted more. I purchased his series of videos, made myself comfortable in an armchair- plugged the video in and it began playing. However, I didn’t see or hear him. The screen image I saw was of a beautiful female. My former husband made a derogatory comment about the male presenter but I didn’t see one. I only saw a silent naturally beautiful female on the TV screen. I turned the video off- and tried again. The same thing happened. I left it for an hour or so – and tried again. I did the same thing – day after day.

“OK -Ashtara” – “This beautiful strong feminine goddess on the screen wants to talk to me. Best I listen!” I said to myself.
I did. I relaxed into a meditation and Mary Magdalen came to me. She wanted to train me in the esoteric mysteries of the cosmos. I agreed. After that training process was complete, she left and returned near the end of 2009, directing me to be in Israel on 1/01/2010 to follow her escape route from Israel after Yeshua’s crucifixion. I agreed – and wrote about that amazing journey in my Magdalen Codes book.

She recently returned into my consciousness at the request of the Arcturians. Together with Merlin they will accompany me and my Mission Camelot group to the South if France in June this year. I have been told that we have a job to do and, when it is revealed I will be shocked and then, when integrated, get on with doing it! This seems to be how I now live my life.  Many shocks have I received over the past years!

The work she and Yeshua did together approximately 2000 years ago is now coming into fruition. The consciousness seeds they planted all over our planet during their many travels physically and inter-dimensionally are ready for harvesting. They are within each one of us. These are the Christ consciousness seeds of the unified divine feminine and masculine.

The evolving feminine energy is stepping into its rightful place in the world, gradually transforming the old masculine and feminine polarities that have damaged our minds and our planet for thousands of years. Are you open to working with them to transform yourself into a being of greater love and light? You, as a light and love-filled being is the frequency Earth so desperately needs in order to stabilise her motion in space. Are you willing to be the spiritual being of Light you were designed to be?  Neptune in Pisces is guiding this spiritual growth process. You need to choose to take the journey into the unknown, through listening to, and having faith in, your inner guidance.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,