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End March 2023 Astrology News

By March 27, 2023No Comments

Pluto enters Aquarius

Pluto rules transformation through the death of the old and rebirth into the new.  Aquarius rules consciousness, electricity, shocks and cosmic light.

Pluto in Aquarius: – a new consciousness is birthing – one of greater light.Those embracing the light will rejoice. Those close-minded may suffer. Many shocks will they experience. Embodying divine love and self-awareness is the key to moving trough this approximately 20 year transit.

Saturn in Pisces – 8/03/2023 – 14/02/2026

22nd May 1993 was the last time Saturn entered Pisces, remaining there until 9th April 1996. As a valuable exercise I suggest you reflect upon that time. How old were you? Where were you? What was your main interest? Were you involved in developing an emotional and spiritual (Pisces) solid foundation (Saturn) in your life?  (the upside of using the energy of this transit consciously and positively).  Or, did you suffer mental or physical health problems that may have involved addictions, or played the role of victim or saviour ? (The downside of using the energy of this transit unconsciously, without self-awareness). Whatever was your  interest and your focus then, a similar energy is repeating throughout the time of this current Saturn in Pisces transit.
Be mindful, with your psychic antennas open, to deceit. Should you be deceiving yourself in some area of life then you are likely to attract deception from others just so you can see into the mirror of your own psychology.The energy of the cosmos just is.  It’s what we each do with it that creates our future. We have a free will choice to take the self-awareness light road or the unconscious road of shadows.

Young children, still uninfluenced by societal and parental conditioning, may rejoice in this transit because the energy will feel familiar, as if their souls are still in their pre-birth home playing in the unified field of Prime Creator’s loving consciousness.

With the second coming of the Christ Light (Pisces) imminent, the most positive use of this light energy will ensure the best outcome and a loving and joy-filled future.

So what is the best use of this energy?  Bear in mind we live on a free will planet. God/Prime Creator gave us this free will to live as we choose. We can unconsciously create destruction, depression and sadness, or we can consciously choose to live life in love and joy, working at what we love to do. We can choose to pay close attention to the quiet inner guidance of our Higher Self and act upon loving feelings, intuition and instinct, or thumb our nose at it!  Remember – how we encounter life is our own creation based on the free will choices we have made and are still to make, either consciously or unconsciously.

With Saturn in Pisces our minds can become muddled and cloudy and feel as if a field of cotton wool balls are having an alcoholic party in our heads. We can also lose sight of reality and have vivid imaginings we perceive as real. We may want to escape (Pisces) from unpleasant situations rather than face them and take responsibility (Saturn) for attracting them to us.  We can experience overwhelm (Pisces)  when life appears to become too challenging. We can create situations whereby we feel lonely (Pisces) and this can lead to depression.(Saturn and Pisces).  We can become so depressed we become mentally unstable and cannot function. We may choose to escape into drugs, alcohol, or suicide.(Pisces).

On the upside, we can choose to sincerely forgive ourselves for former unconscious behavioural patterns that have not only hurt ourselves but also others.  We can decide to become conscious of our stored conditioned psychological programming, by studying a subject that reveals it, such as astrology. This positive use of the Saturn in Pisces energy feeds our brain with nourishment. We could choose to  follow an inspiring dream that always seemed out of reach such as: learning to play a musical instrument; taking a course in painting or meditation, taking a course of study whereby we can learn to know ourselves so we can know God, writing a book of poetry, or go fishing or taking long walks on the beach more frequently. .Reflect upon what inspires you the most, and give yourself permission to follow that path of Spirit. Ask Spirit to guide you and have faith and trust this will take place. It will be in Spirit’s time, not yours!

I remember well  my focus during those years. I share it in the hope it will inspire you to follow your own feelings, heart, intuition, insights, and instincts. I was already studying astrology with the prime idea to know myself, so I could sort out my relationship issues. I knew that for ‘things’ to change externally I must change internally.  But into what?  I didn’t have any idea but decided to follow the path of astrology to wherever it led because I felt my study and application of it to my life nourished my soul. It gave me answers to questions I hadn’t even asked. This path led me to study other associated subjects I had never heard of before: spirituality, metaphysics, esoteric psychology and esoteric astrology. From this combined study, a world of wonder and seeming familiarity, I decided to build a solid foundation of not only self-knowledge but also self-belief and emotional mastery. I knew that if I didn’t commit to doing so, I would create a disease and then I wouldn’t be able to function healthily.  Discipline (Saturn) was needed. Commitment (Saturn) was needed. Concentrated effort (Saturn) was needed.

I disciplined myself to meditate daily. It was a pleasurable and grounding process because I used a yoga Nidra technique whereby I held my focus on relaxing each of my body parts as I visualised them. I observed how a thought would immediately travel to a part of my body, energising it. I also attended a six week painting (Pisces) course and what intuitively emerged from each painting was a series of symbols. At that time in my life, they didn’t have any meaning. I wish I had kept them!  From this regular discipline and focus I began receiving meditational training experiences and transmissions from the Spiritual Masters as well as from my star brothers and sisters.

And now, the same energy has returned, for the next 2.5 years. I intend to further my spiritual path by following my inner guidance, not knowing where the journey will take me yet totally trusting it. I request it to take me to wherever is for my highest good and for the highest good of all. Of course it will be challenging. Stepping into the unknown always is. We get better at it with practice.  A journey into the unknown can be scary for a sensitive empath (Pisces). Yet it is this divine dance of inner direction that is humankind’s natural way of being. Best to practice it now, because by mastering it now you will create a happier and healthy future for yourself, and be able to help many people.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,