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End March 2022 Pleiadian Transmission

By March 27, 2022No Comments

We are the Pleiadians. Thank you for hearing our call.

There are many who are aware of the approaching changes and others will not be so prepared. Practical common sense will be needed, along with attentive inner listening.  We, and others like us, will not  let you down. We are pleased you are choosing to listen and to act upon the voice of your Higher Self. It is always connected to the higher realms.

And now, to another matter.

The dark are doing their best to perpetuate fear by their control of main stream media. We recommend you choose not to tune into it. Keep your own counsel. Refuse to be influenced by any one other than your Higher Self.  We care so much about you and desire that you become sovereign unto yourselves, resolving to stay firm and centred in your own being. So many continue to be distracted by social media. It can be like a drug. Recognise your addiction and choose to cut the unhealthy cords.

As our scribe has written, this is a year to develop mastery – mastery over your addictions, and mastery over your lower selves.

Choose to live in the light of love. It was our choice so long ago. Choose well. We will come again.




Ashtara’s Commentary

Please realise that technology can never supersede the greatness of your biological spirituality.

The season of change is here. We chose to incarnate at this particular time in order to experience a transition from the lower mind to the higher mind, the place where we can connect with our spiritual guides.

We unconsciously create our own life lessons so we can become aware of them. When self-aware, we no longer need to replicate our dramas. Learn to trust your own biology and deliberately choose to turn off the mind chatter to discover your authentic self.

We can live happily and healthily through these toxic times by consciously generating our love frequency.  Practicality and common sense is also needed. Fantasies will not serve us, or the highest good. Why not choose to create your own masterpiece of living? Trust your Higher Self to guide the process, and allow the Way to unfold. Patience will be needed.

To do so, create for yourself a peaceful state, preferably in nature. Relax. Breathe deeply and slowly. In this peaceful state create a vision of a future you would like to experience and  to leave behind for your children and grandchildren. Allow your feelings to add impetus to your vision. See it and describe it as clearly and in as much detail as possible. And then commit to creating it. You will soon realise what a wonderful creator you are.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,