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End June 2021 2 The Record Keeper’s Transmissions

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“Life is to be lived in joy, as a small innocent and trusting child, in awe and wonderment of Nature and her beauty.

Why do humans not live this way? The level of consciousness reached at death is the level carried forward into the next incarnation. How is this ascertained? Through Nature’s design of Universal Laws. The Universal Law of Attraction, of Magnetism and the Universal Law of Rhythm and Movement are two such Laws.

The planets around the Sun are constantly in motion. The energy of the orbiting band holds them in place, as an invisible structure. When a human soul departs the lower dimensional earth plane (3D) its structure, the human body, is left behind. The soul departs, travelling to an area of space matching its attained vibratory level of consciousness.

The 3D plane is an area of accelerated learning and soul growth. Many souls choose to incarnate on Earth to experience acceleration to the Light of higher consciousness. Knowledge of other planes of existence usually fade as the human soul enters the human body, yet it knows its incarnational purpose: to grow and evolve into higher states of consciousness and divine love through self-awareness. And, by using well learned talents in service to others.

The soul knows it is a vital part of Eternal Presence, always existing in this Presence. The physical body was designed to house the soul and the Spirit of Eternal Presence. The personality, a one-time composite of soul fragments chosen by the soul’s spiritual family prior to incarnation, selects the soul’s psychological lessons still to be learned prior to descent into the physical body. Planetary configurations similar to those at the time of the soul’s passing are chosen to aid the journey.

As dense psychology, like a heavy invisible weight, is realised and healed through conscious purification effort, the personality no longer attracts shadow situations or people. The internal sunlight of Eternal Presence shines too brightly. Spiritual amnesia is no more. Free from accumulated karma the soul moves on to experience higher dimensional reality while still living on planet Earth. At this level of soul development, the geometrical shapes seen in the blood by medical intuitives are those of a diamond shaped consciousness rather than of a square. Many years ago, these diamond shapes were seen in Ashtara’s blood.

The great shift occurring on your plant now is a shift in consciousness. Self-aware people are creating the shift.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.



“As the Light increases, psychological shadows stir seeking the light of higher consciousness. Only those who have worked through their own psychological shadows can help. Others will comprehend it not. The awakened ones are called upon to assist those seeking to release ancient beliefs and vows, and are well equipped to do so. Our scribe, from her eagle perspective, is one such healer. She provides clear, direct and effective measures and we ask her to continue doing so.

The Light will increase its effect. Those living in shadow psychology will suffer until deciding to purify. A spiritual evolutionary acceleration into greater light is taking place. The dark will like it not. Each individual makes the choice to continue living in psychological ignorance, separating themselves from Prime Creator’s love, or follow the inner call of their soul to ascend into greater light by purifying shadow psychology. Dense human psychology pollutes all it touches. Mother Earth responds in kind.

As a living, evolving being she has chosen to ascend into lighter and finer frequencies and offers the opportunity for humans to do the same. Her move has been verified by science. What choice do you make?”

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,