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End June 2020 Transmissions

By June 28, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

“In times to come you, Ashtara, and others, will look back on this time as the Dark Ages. A black cloud enveloped the globe and fear penetrated human minds. Not all succumbed to the spell. The light shined brightly in many pockets, and we rejoiced.

We observe, are available, and are willing to assist if asked.

There is still unrest. The old world has changed. Values have changed. We have encouraged you to focus on the light, and we appreciate those who have done so. Focussing on the light ensures a light filled future.

Many theories abound. Many people are beginning to think for themselves. Others stay preoccupied with other peoples’ ideas. From our perspective as caring observers, we see a struggle – nay, a battle for control of human minds. You have been given a gift – of free will – to think and believe as you choose. In times past, wars have raged. These wars created physical, emotional and mental carnage. Many lives were lost. A subtle war is taking place – for control of peoples’ minds.

There is a great deal of false information being spread on the internet. It is up to each individual to be discerning. The mind plays tricks, the heart-brain discerns truth through feeling and intuition. A busy over-active mind cannot discern truth.

Wake up people. View from a higher perspective the mind control taking place, and choose not to allow it to influence you. Focus instead on giving love, on being loving, and of thinking thoughts that bring you joy, and following through on them. Spend time in nature to replenish your soul. And use your creative abilities to create a new pathway, one that feels uplifting, exciting and joyful.

There is always light amongst the shadows. We ask you to find it in your own minds, and act upon it. You may be surprised at the unique talents revealed.

We love you dearly and will come again.”


“Thank you for tuning in Ashtara. As mentioned, our messages will become less frequent.  Others would like to utilise your gift as a scribe.  We recommend you allow them to do so.

Today, our message is one of joy. We see more lights becoming stronger. More people are awakening, realising the mind control taking place, and choosing to manage their own minds. We rejoice. We appreciate the difficulty people have in doing so. False propaganda can mesmerise.  Many can be gullible.

We have asked you to tune in to your hearts to feel truth, rather than filling your mind with other people’s ideas and beliefs. Your scientists have now proven the heart-mind connection, many going so far as saying it is the main brain. The heart feels truth. The brain in the head cannot do so. It is simple.This message was given two thousand years ago, and is as true now as it was then. Truth doesn’t change. Learn to feel truth. It will be a life saver in times to come. It is a life-enhancer in your life now.

We care for you, and do what we can to guide your journey to the light and the love of Prime Creator, the Eternal Presence. Your heart-felt feelings are the pathway.

Create for yourselves a pathway filled with joy. This self-created joy will then be shared with all in your field of influence.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again.”


“And it came to pass a new world emerged.  A world in which time appeared to slow down.  No longer was there frantic activity to get to work at a certain time.  Most people worked from their homes. A frantic, stress ridden life, was no longer experienced.  “How could this be?”, you may ask. Many experienced a small taste of this during the recent enforced restrictions.  Pollution lessened considerably, and Mother Earth rejoiced. Values changed. Work requirements changed. Those who created the problem were pleased.  We observed, and noticed when both chaos and shock reigned. A new way of being human emerged. It is as it is.

We love and care for you, and are amazed at the scenarios you create. Experiments on animals is a thriving business, as is experiments on human genetics – as was once done to you. Cycles repeat. As mentioned previously, huge cosmic cycles have ended. New cycles are beginning. Earth is moving through a different area of space and cosmic rays and currents are bombarding your planet. Earth changes are imminent. This is why we ask you to tune into your hearts to allow loving guidance. Your heart-brain guides through intuition. To allow inner tuition and guidance requires a calm mind. A scattered and busy mind creates chaos. A calm and loving heart and a peaceful mind ensures the same external outcome.

We ask you to reflect deeply on our messages.  Feel into your heart as you read them.  Can you feel the care, love and truth behind them?

We are the Arcturians, we love you dearly and will come again.


May these messages inspire and enlighten, and may you choose to seek the Eternal Presence within to find peace, love and understanding.

Love and blessings,