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End Jun 2023 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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We are the Record Keepers continuing our narrative.

In times to come, when humanity has advanced beyond psychological constructs, a different perspective to life will emerge. Currently, at your current evolution of consciousness, you perceive time as linear – with a past, present and future. Much of your past personal history is stored in your subconscious, and the future is unknown. If unaware of the content within the subconscious, you unconsciously create your future.
When the subconscious psychological content is realised and cleared, you will perceive time as circular, able to enter the circle from any point to change it. Some refer to this advanced process as living in the fifth dimension.

Some of your species are already aware of this process and some refer to it as spiritual technology. To us, it is natural.

Your planet is in the process of ascending to the fifth dimension of higher and finer vibratory energy where psychological density no longer exists. Some refer to this dimension as the Garden of Eden, Utopia, or Camelot – a place where the vibration of divine love and higher frequencies of light exist. This is the realm now attainable to humankind. What some refer to as the ascension process results in fifth dimensional existence. Through the use of spiritual will, faith, and trust in your soul’s infinite wisdom, this evolutionary process accelerates.

We will come again.



We continue our narrative. The world you are creating by your thoughts will be your future. You have been given free will to create as you desire. Is it for the highest good of all?

One of the Universal Laws of Creation is that of Cause and Effect, some call karma. Should the thought creations be carried out for the highest good of all, the effect will be harmonious. The opposite is also true. Responsible creation for the highest good of all ensures harmonious effect. We observe and record that many of your species create selfishly, unaware of the consequences of so doing. It is as it is.

We also observe that when individuals realise they are the creators of their reality, shock, shame or denial occur. Many years ago our scribe developed the mantra “If this creation is for my highest good and the highest good of all, let it proceed”.

Considered, responsible creation will flow easily. Easily recognisable growth challenges will be provided.

We will come again.




The greater is your self-awareness, the greater will be your appreciation of our messages. Self-awareness is needed to determine the subtleties of our coded words.

All ancient wisdom teaching is the same. Skimming through our words does little in developing comprehension. Relaxed reading enables integration. Re-reading our messages a few months from now ensues even greater understanding.

Feeling into the subtleties behind the words is the key to their comprehension. You could refer to this type of reading as a balanced right/left brain approach. It is this feeling approach to messages that is needed to discern truth. Truth is relative to each individual soul.

We observe that many of your species seek to find sensationalism in whatever they create because it creates an adrenalin surge. Tension is involved.

A relaxed state when reading enables comprehension through awareness of the subtleties behind the words. It is this approach that will be of value in times to come.

We will come again.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,