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End July 2022 Astrology News

By July 25, 2022No Comments

Last week I wrote about the three air signs as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and their relevance to each other and to the birth chart. Receiving interested feedback I decided to continue writing about the astrological triplicities. eg: the three zodiacal signs associated with each of the four elements as fire, earth, air and water. Good health depends upon harmonising and balancing our internal elemental nature. This week, I’ll briefly comment on the three fire signs and three different ways of expressing them. You may choose to reflect upon the way you express your elemental nature. Each of us have within us the energy of the three fire signs, to differing degrees. It’s best to be honest when reflecting on how you play your psychological game of life.

Aries is the first fire sign:

Some key words associated with the expression of Aries fire energy are: impulsive, aggressive, angry, action oriented, assertive, ‘my way or the highway’ . In its most positive sense, Aries is the fearless Initiator, confident, self assertive yet able to consider others equally to self.

Leo is the second fire sign:

Leo enjoys being the centre of attention, can express the fire of spirit in the positive way through unique creativity based on loving impulses arising from the heart. In its lower vibration Leo can express through arrogance, pride and childish behaviour such as unconscious attention seeking, attracting drama and expecting people to serve them and their desires.

Sagittarius is the third fire sign and expresses its energy by teaching, adventuring, travelling, and practicing spirituality in its own way. Enjoys expansion of the mind by learning about indigenous and other cultures and their way of perceiving life on Earth. Interested in philosophy, symbols and ancient wisdom teachings. In it’s lower unconscious vibration: “Of course I’m right! I know I’m right! And you’re wrong!

Whoops! Who says so?


Current Planetary Transits

The North Node, 19 degrees Taurus

I cannot speak more highly of a book I’ve recommend to my students – all of whom have benefitted greatly from it. It has done so much to accelerate and advance their spiritual, astrological and psychological development. The title of the book is – Astrology for the Soul, by Jan Spiller. For readers who want to grow spiritually to uncover their natural gifts and talents, and who are interested in doing the deep inner work to identify and overcome the psychological issues shown in their birth chart, this book is the best I know. Simple to read, easy to understand, and effective when the recommended practices are worked through.

Anyone with the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius around the 19 degree mark in their birth chart will be feeling this current North Node in Scorpio energy. It can bring up renewed passion, (Scorpio) enlightenment, (Aquarius) and/or a stubborn refusal to change because of a desire for comfort and financial security (Taurus). Observe your feelings and behaviour to gauge how you are demonstrating these natural cosmic energies. One specific Taurus question to ask yourself is “Do I have a poverty, or a prosperity consciousness running my mind?” Your honest answer can be healing and life changing, should you realise the value of changing your mind. Seeming miracles can and do happen when we change our thoughts to positive and uplifting ones.

New Moon 5 degrees 38 mins Leo, 29 July 2022 (AEST)

Creative play time coming up! In the early morning of this New Moon observe yourself as if from a cloud so you can become aware of how the Leo New Moon fire energy internally expresses. The New Moon will be in harmonious aspect to Jupiter at 8 degrees Aries. As mentioned above, both Aries and Leo are fire signs. You might like to re-read the few paragraphs above and connect them to the themes that come up for you at this upcoming New Moon. My recommendation for this or any Leo future New Moon is to decide to have fun with your life. Give your inner child permission to play – allow emergence of creative spontaneity and, with childlike wonderment, follow where it will lead. You may be surprised how much you accomplish with ease and grace, and how fulfilled and joyful you will feel by the end of the day. Don’t take my word for it – Experience it for yourself, and then you will know.

May the love that connects your Soul and Spirit to the One Source of All Life shine brightly within you.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,