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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

End July 2020

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Arcturus Transmissions

“The children are your future. Since your year 2000, many children have been born knowing they have the light of Christ in their soul. They are evolved souls, existing in the higher realms. They agreed to return to earth to aid your transition into greater light. Aware parents will recognize their light, and marvel at the child’s awareness. Filled with the rainbow rays of Creation, they will lead the way from darkness to light. Listen to them, and encourage them to spend time in Nature. Encourage them to creatively express.

All humans in the interlife before incarnation choose their parents, and their country of birth, in order to learn and grown into greater light. The rainbow children do the same. They have an added agenda – to serve humanity.

They are your future. As they come into adulthood their light may dim. They also have lessons to learn. When learnt, their light will shine even more brightly. They are your future leaders- leading with love.

Focus on encouraging them. Refuse to listen to false prophets seeking to gain attention for themselves. Use your discrimination that only comes through feeling. Truth is felt – your body knows truth.

We love you dearly and will come again”.


Many of the children born after your year 2000, are already demonstrating their advanced abilities.  Many of them rebel against societal limitations. Often cultural limitations make little sense to them. They know of another way, but are they listened to?

They are your future. Aware parents do what they can to steer them towards developing the unique forms of creative expression being demonstrated. Many are being home schooled. The children who live in country areas and spend most of their days outdoors, are able to express themselves more freely than those confined to their city homes. It has always been so. We ask parents and grandparents to encourage their youngsters to play outside in nature. They will sleep more soundly and experience good health when doing so. Such a simple, yet valuable practice.

We leave you now, but will come again,
We are the Arcturians, and we love you dearly.

Love and blessings,