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End July 2020 Record Keepers

By July 26, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

Transmissions from the Record Keepers

“To ease your minds, the turbulence earth is going through will not last for long, maybe a year or two according to your calendar. Most people will be unaware of her shaking. It is as it is. That is all for now.”

“In times to come, humans will realise the importance of pure thoughts and make efforts to ensure this state of mind. Currently, only a few are aware that their thoughts create their reality. Dark thoughts create negative blockages in the body and health problems arise. Thoughts of love and gratitude create a healthy mind and body.

The process of mind management is an evolutionary one, and takes practice. Awareness of thoughts is the first step.

All life is precious. All are one, connected within the great web of the one Source. When this is realised, you will know that one negative thought affects the entire web of creation.

Evolution of a species continues according to the prevailing thoughts. Human devolution has been in effect for thousands of years. That phase has ended. Evolution into greater light and Prime Creator’s love is now the agenda, hence the transition phase. Earth is moving through an area of space where greater light is being experienced. Her vibratory rate has increased and she is shaking off human darkness. Humans can choose to change their thoughts to loving kindness, compassion and gratitude, or not. Your bodies will respond accordingly. We keep the records of your progress and we observe your reluctance to change. It is as it is”.


“Since the beginning of human life on earth we have been recording your evolutionary progress. Your records are stored in a space referred to as the Akasha by some. These akashic records are available to be read by those who have the capacity to do so. Our channel has done so on many occasions, but not recently. She too is a record keeper, writing and sharing our transmissions as our scribe.

Humans have existed for millions of years and have experienced much. Yet there is more. From our perspective experiencing is limitless.

Why have you chosen to come to earth? In order for you to experience life on a dense plane of matter, and to evolve through it into the light. Earth exists in the third dimensional (3D) realm. There are many other dimensions to experience.

During this current transition, some humans are evolving into the lighter dimension of 5D – a dimension where greater love abounds, and where a conscious connection to Source has taken place.  And, where you know yourselves as a part of the great web of life, and are loved beyond measure.

The transition to 5D is a choice – the choice between a purely materialistic way of life, or a spiritual way of life. You are spirit in a human body. Spirit enters a body, animates it, and departs the body at death. Spirit is your life force. Why choose a purely material life when your spirit is eternal? That is all for now”.


“To some, our messages may seem inconsequential or obtuse. Not so. In times to come they will be realised as accurate. False news abounds. Your media purports to tell the truth, but what is truth? History has been recorded from the view point of the person experiencing it. There are always other points of view. To record accurately requires an objective overview from a higher perspective. We provide that perspective.

To create a life viewing from a higher perspective requires the desire to do so, and the willingness to manage your thoughts. The ascension process can be likened to climbing a ladder. You begin at the bottom rung and, step by step, reach the top.  Focus is required with each step taken.  A calm mind is also needed to ensure a safe ascent. The ladder also needs to be stable and balanced securely on a solid form. To climb the evolutionary ladder to view your thoughts from a higher perspective requires the same concentration and conditions.

Immersing yourself in material thoughts keeps you confined to the dense material world. The ladder is a metaphor for climbing upwards towards the higher realms. Use it in your meditations as a tool to aid your evolutionary journey into greater light.
That is all for now”.


I was alerted to the following Arcturus transmission by hearing an inner sound, very much like my computer starting up. It was followed by a snap-shot vision of a beautiful chubby, relaxed and smiling baby – about a month old – with the light of her soul shining through her eyes. My heart melted when I looked into her eyes. I felt so privileged to receive such a special vision.