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End January 2024 2 Ashtara’s Musings

By January 28, 2024No Comments

Changing Minds – Pluto in Aquarius

As both the Record Keepers and the Arcturians refer to our ability to change our minds I thought to elaborate on their theme via the current transit of Pluto into Aquarius. I’ve written heaps about this planetary transit, as have many other writers. All write from different perspectives. Let’s keep it simple.

Pluto governs the transformation of the soul. Aquarius governs illumination and the light of consciousness. Aquarius is an air sign meaning it connects to our brain and mind. Transformation of our minds – our thoughts – from stinking thinking to clear illuminated minds filled with conscious self-awareness and love is Pluto’s aim as it travels through Aquarius. Supported by this cosmic energy we can create and experience a new utopia, a new Camelot. Peace would reign in the world if everyone was willing to change their minds to light, love filled thoughts rather than dark ones.

Pluto will be in Aquarius for twenty years. Our world will definitely be a lighter place by the end of this transit, providing we are prepared to raise our levels of consciousness by changing our minds to thoughts of love and light.

Let’s look at what may hold you back. The dense vibration of Fear! You might think – “What will happen to me if I change my mind?  What will my family say? What will my friends say? What will the unknown be like? Will I be able to handle it? Will I be supported by my friends, family and neighbours if I choose to follow the path I feel is best for me because it comes from my heart and I am passionate about it?  Oh – maybe they will ridicule and reject me.  Best I stay in my safe and narrow world!
Oh – I can feel my vibration lowering! My excitement and enthusiasm for life has gone. Oh well – I guess this is my lot in life!”

In this example notice how fear took hold and the lightness of spirit immediately diminished. If this was you then your life would become dull. In time the heart could shut down and illness be more likely to occur.

Fear is tremendously disempowering. It influences our evolutionary development individually and collectively.

It’s important to remember that we, as human beings on Earth, are part  of the universal experience. We are under the care of higher light and love-filled beings. The love that creates the life-force in this universe can heal the fearful state of the human ego. We need to participate in the process. Trust and faith need to be developed, the  self-trust and the trust and faith in the Higher Power working through us. Remember you are a co-creator of your life and have an impact on the world around you. Would you like to make a positive and loving impact?

The ‘changing the mind’ process requires first a desire, then an intention to take this path. It will require your spiritual will, self-discipline and initiatory action. How courageous are you?  You might ask -“ What are the steps I need to begin this path?”

If this is what you want, then fear needs to be overcome. “How can I overcome my fear?”, you may ask? The best way I know how is to become aware of the feeling of fear and then embrace it. Never, ever make it wrong! It is a little child part of you that is afraid to take a different path to that of your Mummy and Daddy. They might disapprove of you – growl at you, compare you to your older sibling – whatever!

In a deep meditation imagine you are in a safe and comforting place where you can relax completely. Focus your mind on slow, deep breathing telling your body to relax each time you slowly exhale. With detached interest observe how your breath relaxes your body each time you exhale.Continue. Now bring your focus to breathing into your heart.  Notice how your chest expands and contracts as you continue deep slow breathing into your heart.

Feeling relaxed and comfortable you hear a sound beside you. Imagine yourself looking down to find a cradle with a small baby in it.  You reach down and pick up this dear little baby and hold it next to your heart. Give this precious little baby your love, heaps of it. You the adult, are pouring living love light into your innocent little child. As you strengthen the giving of love process, relax into the awareness that you are free to trust your soul to manifest a safe, abundant, loving and fulfilling life. Intend to be free from all traumas. Commit to working through your fears together with your little child. Let him or her know that you,  the adult parent, will always be there. Have the desire and the Intention to awaken into your soul-awareness, playfulness and wonder at the joy of life. Focus on self-generating greater love for your little child. Notice how you now feel able to navigate your earthly life with fearlessness. Imagine that the little baby is now nestled deep within your heart. Thank it for revealing itself to you. In gratitude for the experience, allow yourself to gently come out of the mediation.

Love is the key to healing soul wounds.  Choose to share the loving vibration you have self-generated with others. Love really does make the world go round.

May you choose the path of love and light and may you radiate, like the Sun, this vibration to all you meet.

Many blessings,