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End January 2023 Astrology News

By January 23, 2023February 7th, 2023No Comments

Uranus moves Direct in Taurus

New Moon 1 degree Aquarius – 22 January 2023

Happy birthday to readers with Aquarian Sun signs. I wish you well for your birthday year. May your unique creative endeavours bear fruit bringing a juicy harvest during this year.

The New Moon today is positioned at 1 Degree Aquarius 32 mins. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus (the bringer of Light).  Today, transiting Uranus turns direct at 14 degrees Taurus 56 mins. Uranus in forward motion and a New Moon in Aquarius provide the cosmic opening for the Pleiadians to ‘sprinkle light seeds’. Again, my Astrology News synchronises with the Pleiadian message!  According to them, this is a wondrous day when the cosmic energies are right for them, and other benevolent celestial light beings, to sprinkle particles of light (consciousness containing new, often humanitarian ideas) into human minds.

You might like to reflect upon what was going on for you in July and up to the 24 August, 2022, when Uranus turned retrograde. Some creative ideas or situations in your life that were heading along full steam at that time may have come to a standstill. You may have allowed distractions to take you over from your creation. Whatever, the creations needed tweaking during the retrograde period. For me, it was my 2023 teaching programme. Excitement is now building because I learned so much about myself and my limiting thoughts during the Uranus retrograde period and am so grateful for that retrograde energy interruption.

It requires courage to devote oneself to a spiritual path of consciousness raising and often the journey is challenging. However, for individuality to develop we need to free ourselves from limitations placed upon us by parents, friends, spouses and society in general. We also need to train our minds to focus on all that is positive and light. We are creators of our own reality – by our thoughts. To get a handle on this truth, it is beneficial to commit to changing our thoughts to gratitude for all the life lessons learned, and choosing to allow love to guide. From this purposeful change of mind, our lives become not only more meaningful and fulfilling, but also seemingly miraculous.

I’ll refer to two particular geometric patterns I see in this New Moon chart that I hope are of interest. One is called a Yod – or ‘Finger of God’. It’s an elongated triangle with Mars 8 degrees Gemini at the apex point. The two long arms have, on one side, South Node 9 degrees Scorpio and Mercury, 8 degrees Capricorn on the other. Hmm! If interested, you can draw this  pattern to understand the energetic influence. Mars wants forward action. If the individual does not initiate the needed forward action for themselves, the energy becomes suppressed, and seemingly unrelated outbursts of anger and frustration can emerge. Or, the soul’s frustrated energy implodes internally and can lead to disease, such as cancer. Anger is often caused by an unmet need.

What follows is a true story that connects to the above issue. Three of my female friends were diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. One was advised to have serious surgery to remove affected body parts. She asked her doctor for a three week reprieve prior to surgery, to heal herself.  Daily, while her two small children were at school, she released lifetimes of suppressed anger and, within the three weeks, the cancer was no more, nor has it returned. The other two women passed away, one was 49, the other 52. Neither had the courage to say “No” to the demands of their controlling and overpowering loved ones. They knew they needed to truthfully speak up for themselves but didn’t have the confidence or courage  to do so. Their fear of the imagined consequences prevented them. They chose to play the ‘pleasing others’ game instead, and died painful deaths. We can heal ourselves from illnesses caused by shadow psychology. My friend did so, I’ve done so and so have countless others.

Mars is masculine ‘go ahead’ dynamic energy. It can give us confidence when we feel we need it but is decidedly unhappy when suppressed. Scorpio needs meaningful in-depth comprehension and communication before a different kind of forward action takes place, and Mercury in Capricorn  says – “its all a bit hard and /or what will society/family think?” Or, “I’ll unconsciously take the defensive route – it’s familiar” or, in its most positive function,  “I’m willing to take responsibility for my feelings and actions and willingly communicate mistakes when I make them, overcoming feelings of guilt in the process”. We choose the thoughts we think and the beliefs we have. They can be changed.

Let’s look at this from an evolution in consciousness point of view. If we’re unwilling to face, take responsibility for and clear our internal psychological challenges, we are unable to move forward on our spiritual ascension journey. It just is. If we want everything to be nice and rosy and choose to ignore, avoid or hide from our own psychology, then sorry – no evolutionary advancement. How can light enter when shadow psychology blocks it?

The second geometric pattern I notice is called a mystical rectangle and indicates an easy flow of spiritualised energy when we’re prepared to do the inner work to clear whatever is the block to light and love-filled forward movement. Blissful mystical moments occur whereby we know for sure we have many Light Beings assisting our journey to the light of higher consciousness.

To wrap up, these two geometrical shapes in the Aquarian New Moon chart provide the energy to demonstrate faith and trust in our internal Spirit. This state of mind enables clear and meaningful communication and dynamic forward movement, aiding the soul’s path to the development of higher consciousness, the purpose of incarnation.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,