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End January 2023 A Crack in the Cosmic Window

By January 23, 2023February 7th, 2023No Comments

Sex and Love

The sexual act is performed when two people feel attraction and love for each other. It is an expression of love, freedom, trust and joy. It is a spontaneous outpouring of fun, laughter and love. Sexual intimacy, to really fulfil, needs to have the above ingredients. Sexual activity simply for the release of energy is merely a physical act and is not from the heart. There are other ways this release can be obtained.

When two people truly love each other equally and unconditionally, accepting each other for what they are without any judgements, criticisms or conditions attached, then the act of physical sex can be fulfilling. Wherever doubts and anxiety enter, then love exists. Wherever trust is not present, then love is not present.

Love is not doing the bidding of the other through fear or duty. Love is honouring yourself and the God force within. If, by honouring yourself, you feel enamoured and empowered to experience sexual union with another, then so be it. If you do not honour yourself and the God force within, the sexual union will be unfulfilling.

When two people come together totally as equal, respecting, trusting and accepting each other as an identity in their own right, then sexual union can be loving. Respect forms a great part in sexual union.There cannot be love without respect. There can only be lust and desire and the selfish desire for release. This is not love.

Love can be expressed in many ways. Sexual union is one way.

Love is like a flower, first a bud unfolding into the light, growing gently by feeling the elements and surrounding environment. If the environment is nurturing and nourishing, and makes no demands upon the bud, the bud will gently open and bloom.

Should the environment be harsh, the bud will wither and die. So too love. If the environment is gentle and respectful, love will flourish, grow and open into full bloom.

Blessings be – Sai


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,