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End January 2022 Pleiadian Transmission

By January 30, 2022No Comments

27th Jan 12.01 am

Good morning Ashtara,

Thank you for hearing our call. As you are becoming aware, our calls are now more subtle.

Our message today may disturb some. It is the truth.

For too long, the dark forces have worked to take over the minds of people on earth. From our perspective, it appears as though they may have done so. Through subtle, and not so subtle, manipulation and control, people on earth have allowed themselves to be hypnotised, falling in to a carefully planned trap.

We also see many small pockets of Light, and it is upon these pockets we focus.

Never will we give the dark our energy because it feeds them. Like fuel, it is what they need to survive and thrive. You too can refuse to feed your dark side if you can become aware of it.

All negative thought is fuel for the dark. Our scribe has taught this perspective for thirty years. Some listen. She persists, as do we and others of the Light.

To focus your minds on heart-felt love and joy and act upon this focus, you raise your thought vibration so the dark cannot penetrate. It is the only way to light up the world, one light at a time.

It is sorely needed now. The Earth and humanity needs your Light. It matters.

The times you, as a collective consciousness, are going through now will become known by history as another dark age.

It is a transition time for planet Earth. She is moving through a lighter area of space and invites all humans upon her to do the same. Another planet has been prepared for souls unable or unwilling to do so. Life will go on, in the dimension you choose. We ask you to make your choice wisely as mature aware adults rather than as needy unconscious children.

We love you dearly. We share our perspective to awaken rather than to alarm.

Our Prime Creator gave us all the free will to choose our life path – a great gift of immense value. Choose well.

We will come again.


Ashtara’s Commentary

The Light the Pleiadians refer to is cosmic, or Christ Light. It is the higher vibrational spiritualised Light that is currently bombarding our planet and all humans upon her. It is filled with the substance of Prime Creator’s divine love. Some human souls are open to receiving it, others with closed minds and hearts are not. It is a personal choice.

In the above message the Pleiadians refer to another Earth-like planet that has been prepared for those people who have chosen not to do the inner work to raise their levels of consciousness. For many decades information about this planet has been shared by many spiritually aware people. The following is my personal experience.

Way back in 1996 my oldest granddaughter painted an amazing picture. I still have it and it is one of my most precious treasures. The large painting, on a black background, depicts three spheres. The one in the far left-hand top corner is golden yellow. The larger central one is blue and green painted upon a white background. The other small one is way out in the distance to the right. It is also blue and green on a white background. Underneath the central larger sphere are bright pink hugs and kisses. Between the yellow sphere and the large blue and green one are placed green tree trunks covered with pink blossoms.

I asked her to tell me about the painting. Very confidently, with a great deal of inner knowing, she said: “Grandma, the big ball in the middle is the Earth, the yellow ball at the back is the Sun. The pink drawings are the trees that grow on the Earth, and the pink hugs and kisses are because I love the Earth so much. I asked “What is the smaller ball Natalie”. “Grandma”, she said, “that’s the second Earth.” I knew what she meant and was amazed by her profound spiritual understanding.

Natalie was four and a half years old. Many souls born since then also carry this spiritual wisdom. Unfortunately, societal, religious, educational and parental conditioning has done its best to obscure this knowledge. Hopefully, individuals will feel the inner urge to consciously resurrect it.

Humanity desperately needs it.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,