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End February 2024 2 Ashtara’s Musings

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Wisdom of the Ancients

Around six thousand years ago astronomy was known to many people. The Sumerians studied the stars to learn of their energetic influences relative to the  land and its inhabitants. They carved information on to stone monuments, copper sheets and papyrus scrolls. Some of this valuable information has been discovered and interpreted by scholars familiar with the languages of the time. In the ruins of Sumerian cities excavated by archaeologists in the last century were found  thousands of texts and illustrations that dealt with astronomy, creation and evolution. Scholars have been able to interpret many of them. The discoveries last century in Egypt of the Dead Sea and the Nag Hamadi scrolls written at least two thousand years ago, was a huge break-through because the information uncovered also describes the understanding and wisdom of the ancients.

In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible is the story of early events relative to creation and human evolution.

From where did the people alive at that time get this advanced information?  How were they able to describe accurate details about our solar system that is only now being discovered in our time by deep space probes? How was genetic engineering, space travel and computer science known about in those earlier times? The bible says this information and more was given to the population by the gods who came down to earth from heaven, known as the Nephilim or Annunnaki.

From astronomy came astrology. In my understanding, astronomy is based on an outer science. Astrology, an energetic system, is based on an inner spiritual science known to our souls. In the early years of the application and learning of astrology to my life, my teacher recommended I read a series of books by the brilliant scholar and researcher Zecharia Sitchen. One of his first books is titled The Twelfth Planet, another Genesis Revisited.

Sitchen wrote that the knowledge recorded by the ancient Sumerians has been rediscovered by the scientists of today. Following a round-about route, modern science has returned to the Sumerian knowledge of an invader from outer space into our Solar System bringing the seed of life and imparting it to Gaia, our precious planet and those living upon her.

It is my understanding that Sedna, now returning into our Solar  System for only a few decades, is connected. Hence, the inner directive given to me by my higher guidance, the Arcturians, to teach a series of courses about Sedna. Each course elaborates and expands upon the previous ones. The information delivered by Sedna is priceless. I’m feeling there is to be another in the second half of the year.  I’ll keep you informed.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,