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End February 2023 Astrology News

By February 26, 2023March 6th, 2023No Comments

Mars in Gemini

Transiting Mars is now whizzing through Gemini activating our minds into learning a new subject, studying for a new job or joining new exercise classes. This energy is available for us to put a lot of energy (Mars) into movement of our minds (Gemini).  I’ve learned that it’s wise to use the planetary energies according to their cosmic design.

I’m one of many people who needs to move energy through my body on a regular basis because it helps to calm my often over-active mind. My dog, and my body, love our long early morning walks. I also need to attend regular yoga and pilates mat classes, where I must focus my mind on listening carefully to the teacher’s instructions so I can correctly move all my different body parts – otherwise problems! (imagine what you will! )

Currently Mars is 18 degrees Gemini, and in a months time, 26 March, moves into Cancer – a completely different energy. Gemini is masculine ‘air’ energy. Cancer is feminine ‘water/emotional’ energy. Sensitive people will feel this change of sign in their brain. Mars has been hanging around in Gemini since August 2022.

Gemini also rules breathing, learning, communicating and networking. It also connects to your siblings. How well, or otherwise do you communicate with them? It’s wise to remember that communication  consists of listening, asking and remembering. You may question yourselves as to how well you listen to, and really hear, your inner guidance and act upon it?  Our spiritual guides are always available to assist our growth into higher consciousness. We only need to ask.

Gemini governs the parts of the body related to communication i.e. lungs, arms, legs and hands. When at a coffee shop or chatting with a few friends, notice if their fingers are drumming on the surface of a table, if their thighs are jerking or their feet moving with impatience in order to get their point of view across.  And then, ask yourself if you play this same disharmonious game. It’s an indicator of a busy mind. Each thought and word has a vibration. When the words we speak or think are disharmonious, this energy goes  out to influence not only our personal life creation, but also those around us.

Before Mars went retrograde, it was at the same degree as it is now during the last weekend in September, 2022. You may reflect on what new course of study you were interested in then. Maybe your interest lost momentum when Mars turned retrograde at the end of October, or maybe the course you wanted to study was no longer available because corrections needed to be made.

Mars energy provides us with the confidence to forge ahead on our path of self-discovery and self-realisation. It also provides us with the courage to take the initiatory independent steps we’ve needed to take but, through luck of confidence, have been afraid to do so. When not using our Mars energy wisely, we can suffer migraine headaches, infections, inflammation, haemorrhages, cuts – anything red and angry because  of our unconscious suppression of Mars energy. Best become conscious.

On the psychological shadow side, Mars can bring up thoughtlessness, impatience, frustration and aggressiveness, none of which serve our evolutionary journey to the Light. It’s wise to use Mars in Gemini energy to learn to understand broader and wider subjects that open your mind to truth, that stimulate or inspire, and  choose to become aware of the way in which you communicate.

We all need to communicate how we’re feeling, thinking and loving. Our ancient memories are of telepathic communication, and we were pretty good at it. This natural ability can be re-membered. All it takes is dedication to stilling the mind and to practice listening attentively to the loving and caring inner voice.It can be the voice of your angels.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,