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End December 2022 Astrology News

By December 20, 2022January 3rd, 2023No Comments

Christmas Day, 25 December 2022

Happy birthday to all Capricorn Sun signs. May you continue to develop the light side of Capricorn through self-discipline, personal responsibility and sovereignty. Fulfilling experiences of achievement follow. Wisely and consciously you climb your internal mountain towards spiritual attainment. The cosmic energy is with you as you strive to reach the summit of success in whatever challenging field of endeavour you choose. Your authority, practical organisational skills and emotional strengths are sorely needed now, and will be needed even more in times to come.

I created a chart for 6.00am on Christmas Day at Brisbane Qld. A brief delineation of this chart follows:

On this special day, not only is the Sun moving through Capricorn but so is Pluto, Moon, Mercury and Venus. Slow moving and powerful Pluto at 27 deg. is the leader of this Capricorn train, with Hygiea, goddess of preventative medicine, joining the Sun at 2 degrees as last minute passengers.

A single goddess, warrior woman Pallas Athena moving through Cancer, opposes this large and imposing Capricorn line-up. Is this feminine goddess strong enough to uphold the caring Cancer energy? Her myth assures us she is. According to it, Pallas Athena was birthed through the crown of Zeus’ (Jupiter) head, symbolising her advanced intellect and ability to strategise. Fully clothed in armour, complete with helmet, sword and shield, she was born ready to fight for her esteemed father – her Father in Heaven?

This Capricorn alignment signifies that a large packet of energy is available to willingly take responsibility for our past deeds, thoughts and actions in former, or existing, relationships, particularly our relationships with family members. Let the blame game go. It’s immature, old and tired behaviour, way past its use by date. The question to ask self is “What can I learn about myself through my former reactive behaviour?” And, “Do I still hold on to this re-active behaviour? If the answer is ‘yes’, then “What mature Capricorn steps do I need to take to overcome my outworn childish behaviour so I can lovingly respond instead?” Your answers might surprise.

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Whose birth is it we celebrate on this holi-day? Who is the prime spiritual authority in our western world? Who do we celebrate – a commercial god or a spiritual God?

While living on planet Earth, Jesus of Nazareth became a Christed Light Being, the highest level of spiritual attainment any human can reach. He too, experienced emotional turmoil and spent long periods of time alone in the psychological wilderness, seeking and finding answers within himself. He too had internal demons to identify, embrace and overcome. His journey to the Light was not easy. He persevered, until he reached the summit of his symbolic and internal Capricorn spiritual mountain. He knew he had incarnated on Earth for a purpose – to do his Father’s will. Intent on purpose, he disciplined himself to achieve it. He encouraged us to love our neighbour as ourselves. He also taught us to recognise and accept the unconditional love of our internal Divine Creator. The heart-opening book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, by Claire Heartsong, describes well his life and the challenges he faced and overcame to accomplish his purpose. His message to us was that whatsoever he did we can also do.

A different and globally known Capricorn authority, King Charles, head of the British Monarchy and British Commonwealth, will deliver his first Christmas message on Christmas Day. Will it be as traditional as that of his deceased Mother, or will he introduce a non-traditional component?Will change occur as a result of his speech?

There are two retrograde planets on this day. These are non-traditional Uranus at 15 degrees Taurus, and fiery Mars at 10 degrees Gemini. Uranus provides the electrical energy to change our perspective from focusing on our comfort zone of a materially oriented life to embrace the spiritual Light of our Higher Self. Why would we do this? In order to develop higher levels of consciousness so we can experience love and harmony as a constant, know and love ourselves so we can know and love our God within, experience positive good health no matter our age, love ourselves enough to feel free to dance, sing and play life as a creative game, experience mature, truthful, light and love filled relationships and be ready to meet our galactic neighbours and take part in a galactic community, to name just a few benefits.

Retrograde Mars provides the energy to reflect and review our past deeds and actions along with the programmed thoughts and beliefs that led us to emotionally react as we did. Did those thoughts serve us? Is it not time to identify and change limiting and restrictive thoughts so we can claim our right to be the brightest light we can be?

Jupiter, re-entering Aries at 0 degrees offers opportunities, often disguised as loss, to move forward into broader horizons in our mind and lives. It would be wise to gather the confidence and courage to move forward on the progressive ideas that entered your mind between 12 May to 28 July 2022. This was when Jupiter first moved into Aries for the first time in 12 years.Traversing this same territory again, Jupiter is checking in to see how well you’re doing with the expansive energy and ideas provided then. It would be wise to advance the ones that gave you uplifting and joyful feelings.

The Earth, Solar System and the galaxy needs your Light and your love. Why let the negative ego hold you back from sharing your natural creative talents? Do the positive and light Capricorn thing – commit to being the best you can be, and willingly take the steps necessary to identify and overcome whatever internal challenges hold you back. External challenges will then be easy to manage. Personal and spiritual growth is assured.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,