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End December 2022 A Crack in the Cosmic Window

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Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

Love is like a red, red rose. The words of this song echo our teachings.

A rose is the symbol of love. Red also is the colour of blood. The heart can bleed if the love of God is denied and not felt within a person. Barriers can be put around the heart that prevent the free flow of blood, or love, through the heart. If these barriers are in place for too long, heart problems can arise in the physical body. The heart does not feel fulfilled – it suffers.

These barriers need to come down, firstly through awareness of their existence and then by constant attention to breaking them. One way to do this is to imagine a laser beam of white light zapping the framework around the heart centre. Imagine it disintegrating and breaking down into a powdery substance. Then ask a Light Being to take it away for you and watch it disappear. The process may need to be done frequently until the area is clean and clear.

When the space is clear, love can enter. It is always there, waiting, however it needs room to move.

Love is like a red, red rose. It can bloom to its fullest potential when the garden is free from weeds. The weeds are the barriers or negative thought patterns that individuals place around their hearts.

If each individual wants to be truly loving then it is their responsibility to clear out their own weeds.

Love is All That Is. Love is a gift from our Divine Father. It is always available to all. Blessings be, Sai.


Love for Oneself

Today’s topic is love. Love for oneself, which is really love of the Godforce within. This love is not self-centred nor is it selfish. It is simply recognition of the spark of God that is within each individual, and to have this understanding.

To feel love for oneself means to honour and respect oneself as a spiritual being of love and light. The core essence of each individual is pure love and light and honouring this essence is to love oneself and to love God.

Recognition of this spark of divinity is the reason man has incarnated. Once that recognition is understood and integrated then man can ascend into a higher vibration of love and light. The more that recognition and understanding is denied, the more dark and dense is the individual.

Love is all that is.

Love is the essence that permeates all nature. Love is the energy of light. When light is blocked, darkness results. It really is that simple.

Learn to love yourselves and to honour the Divine spark that resides within your hearts.

Be aware of your needs and your energy levels. Be aware of when you feel drained of energy and when you feel full of energy. When you feel full of energy is when you are feeling full of light. The opposite is also true.

There is so much love in the world. Firstly it is imperative that each of you seeks and finds that core essence of self, and love that spark. In so doing you are loving your Creator God.

In love and light, blessings be, Sai


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,