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End December 2021 Pleiadian Transmissions

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Thank you for hearing our call.

As mentioned before, humans are at the threshold of a shift in consciousness. The earth changes have begun. Many are still not connecting the current mass hypnosis to these changes.

Those with a pure and loving heart without guilt or fear will survive. When fear governs the mind, Mother Earth rebels. Fear is a low vibration. Life responds according to vibratory levels.

Lack of care and disrespect for Mother Earth, an evolving entity, created the global problem now being experienced. Forces with dark agendas took advantage of the situation to perpetuate mass hysteria, much like mass hypnosis. As it was in second World War, when one man with a dark agenda mesmerised an entire nation into a certain belief, so it is again.

You, Ashtara, remember that time and have connected the psychological theme. We ask you to share your knowledge. Use your own words to do so.

We are the Pleiadians. We have your best interests at heart and will come again.


Whew! I’ve been put on the spot! A Saturn challenge!

I’ll begin with a quote from my new book, Arcturus Astrology, page 195. I was asking a question of my higher self as: “How do individuals learn and grow into greater self-awareness? The answer was: By unconsciously creating dramas and chaos. And then: How does the collective learn? Answer: The same way!”

As mentioned in my 12th December newsletter, I grew up during the second World War. During that time I observed how masses of people became obsessed with an idea created by governmental and media propaganda. As the war progressed, and for decades afterwards, photographs, movies and videos were made about it. Much of it didn’t feel right, and didn’t make any sense. As years went by, I observed with wonderment as so many people kept re-playing the same movies and narrative, seemingly under some kind of hypnotic spell, obsessed with the war theme. I feel the same way about the current global situation. It doesn’t make sense.

I feel pain in my heart as I view the tremendous division being created between families, friends, groups and the general public. Where has love and goodness gone? The words ‘divide and conquer’, enter my mind.

A close friend sent me a short video link that she thought might help. It did. Not the man speaking on the video, but the person he referred to. My intuition kicked in. I felt a glimmer of hope arise in my heart. I searched and found that man. I listened to an interview of Dr Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium, by four lawyers, all of whom spoke English well. This team of lawyers were searching for answers as to how best they could represent their clients who were experiencing the results of the dark and hidden side of the SARS-COVID 2 agendas.

Dr. Mattias Desmet also has a Masters degree in Statistics. He began his research into SARS-COVID 2 through statistics. The related information disturbed him. The statistics didn’t add up, nor did they make sense. He turned to his other speciality – psychology.

I understand his viewpoint because of my childhood experiences. He seems to be a sane voice of common sense in a world seemingly gone mad. Dr. Mattias Desmet connects the current hypnotic state to the 1930s: to the Soviet Union, and to Nazi Germany during the second World War. He explains the madness as large scale mass formation psychosis (akin to mass hypnosis) that arises from free floating anxiety plus a few other psychological conditions – all currently being experienced.

This information connects to the above transmission and to another of my earlier life experiences. In that experience I allowed myself to be hypnotised, on stage, as an experiment. This was when hypnotists were entertainers – i.e., before psychology was generally known. After being publicly hypnotised, I didn’t feel anything when the hypnotist put a large metal safety pin through the skin on one of my arms. He also influenced me to do ridiculous things on the stage. The audience laughed. I was totally unaware of performing the antics because I was completely under his hypnotic spell. There was no physical evidence of the metal insertion into my skin, not even blood, yet the audience witnessed what the hypnotist did, as did I.

As I’ve written many times before: There is ALWAYS a bigger picture. Please focus on this rather than the current narrative. A higher spiritual perspective is needed now. Faith in a higher power, and the wisdom of your own intuition and heart-felt loving feelings are the guidance tools. You are love, and Love is All That Is.

The mind is the meeting ground between structure and intelligence. Astrologically, Saturn, the Lord of Karma, rules the structure of consciousness and all 3D structures including governments, corporations, control, fear and more. Electrical Uranus is the bringer of Light – the light of higher consciousness. Uranus shakes up structures enabling change. The two cosmic players are currently tightly challenging each other. If you need a practical Saturn reality check, follow the money trail. And, when you see the Light, follow it.
Then return your consciousness to loving as you have never loved before. Your love matters. It is the ONLY vibration that can change the world. You matter.


Following writing the above, my inner guidance suggested I rest. “Oh Oh,” I thought – “What’s coming next?”

The following is a personal self-explanatory Arcturus Transmission I choose to share with you.



On 24 December, the Pleiadians had a few more words to say.

Today we have a message of hope and love. We realise the challenges experienced  in your world of 3D density. As a state of inner harmony and love of life is attained as a constant in your lives the challenges are recognised as they occur, and are easily overcome. The emotional influence lessens.

Earth was created aeons ago as a planet upon which human life could evolve spiritually and psychologically. Our Prime Creator of all life chose to know Itself in many and varied aspects. Everything created is a part of Prime Creator. Love is the energy connection. Your great teacher Jesus who became a Christ, knew this fact. Light is the visual manifestation of love. The more your mind focuses on love, the lighter you will become.

Love is what is needed now. Honour your loving Creator and create your life with love, and observe how all angst and pain fall away.

So simple a message,  but so life-enhancing!


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,