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End December 2020 – Record Keeper Transmissions

By December 27, 2020No Comments

“We begin,

Life on earth is designed by the soul to be one of learning and growth. Stagnation ages the body and mind. When this is realised, your medical authorities will change their way of viewing their work.

The mind is an instrument to be used. It needs to be constantly “oiled” with new perspectives. The body needs exercise to ensure all parts function according to design. The body also needs fresh clean air and water, health-giving food and sunshine in order for it to function to optimum capacity.

When these requirements are not met – a variety of illnesses occur, as warning signals. Do you take heed?”


“There are many Universal Laws always operating. One is the Law of Cause and Effect. Based on energy output, whatever one human causes through thought and deed has an effect, a consequence. Love begets love. Shadow thoughts beget shadows. This Law is immutable.

Your planet is suffering from human abuse. As one human suffers from the abuse of another, so too does your planet suffer.  She is a living, evolving entity – like you. You have the ability to alleviate your suffering should you choose to do so. So too, does your planet.

We speak simply, to enable comprehension.

You create your reality by your thoughts and deeds. No one does it to you, therefore there can be no blame apportioned to another”.


“In times of change such as now, a greater degree of attention needs to be given to the reason for the change.  Why is it that your planet is transitioning from one state of being to another?

The answer is simple – because of cosmic deign. Each living specie has a purpose for being. That purpose is always available to be realised and understood. The purpose involves evolutionary growth”.


“We begin,

At this time in human evolution of consciousness, alarm bells are resounding throughout the cosmos. We in the higher realms observe the traumas humans create, mostly unconsciously, and do our best to assist.

The two great wars of the 20th century resulted in the deaths of many millions of people, leaving a scar on the collective human psyche. The technological advances emerging from these wars awakened most to a different world. The wars of today are based on technology. Rather than physically fighting, the emphasis is on intellectual wars.

Realising the human brain operates as a computer, those seeking control and domination do so through technology. We observe the thoroughness with which this intellectual war is contaminating the global population. It will continue until enough humans awaken from their amnesia to realise the extent of the psychological warfare.

Technology is not the problem. The problem is the way it is used by those with dark agendas.

How then can humans continue to evolve into greater love and light? The answer is simple. Through holistic self-awareness.

By focusing the mind on a creative project dear to the heart, and by becoming aware of each feeling, emotion and bodily sensation while engaged in the creation, you will feel truth. The human heart feels love and joy. The human senses, when attention is given to them, detect safety or danger. By developing extra-sensory perception your lives can be enhanced.

Within you are the tools you need to navigate the technological world. You can choose to believe all you are fed by those seeking to manipulate and control, or not. Information will not cease to circulate. Wars for the control of the human mind will continue.

We speak simply to enable comprehension.

Wake up humans -from the amnesia that holds you in chains. Choose to become aware of your personal psychology and all that blocks you from love and joy. Do the inner work needed to release separation. Once freed from the chains that bind you to the past you will perceive life from a higher perspective and not be so susceptible to mind control. Use your natural abilities to discern truth. Dance, sing, play and spend time in nature. Allow love to guide your life’s pathway.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


“We begin,

To open up and receive love’s embrace can be challenging for some – yet to do so can bring life’s greatest joy.

To love oneself enough to be open to receive the love of the beloved within and/or without, enables fulfilment. When devoid of this love, life seems meaningless. Through love life is created. The golden Sun above shines upon all. Love shines upon all with a warm sunny radiation. It is, and has always been”.


Let us usher in 2021 by expressing, in prayer or meditation, gratitude and loving kindness to all who have aided our 2020 journey into greater self-realisation.  The journey may have been challenging, however, as self-realisation of cause reveals truth, acceptance enables release of shadow patterning. Healing light fills the space where the shadows existed.

May you move into the 2021 New Year with hope, peace, grace and love, and allow the Christ Light within to guide you to your purpose for being,

Blessings and Love,