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End August 2022 Astrology News

By August 30, 2022No Comments

In Esoteric Astrology the above information relative to the energy of thought has been known and taught by Djwhal Khul, (D.K.) known as The Tibetan, for centuries. He is a spiritual Master and an incarnate Tibetan monk of high standing. In the earlier part of the twentieth Century he worked through Alice A. Bailey, a clear channel. She produced about 30 books on various aspects of the esoteric sciences. It is interesting that some of our modern scientists are realising the accuracy of this ageless wisdom. And that it is coming to the forefront of the collective human mind.

“Esoteric Astrology is based on the understanding there are seven streams of energy emanating from beyond our Solar System that impinge upon our solar system with great force. These streams are called Rays. They emanate from the seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear. These Rays condition every stream of life within their field of influence. This includes our precious planet Earth and all those upon her. The Rays contain the force fields of other solar systems and act like chakras, or energy centres within the body of an even greater being. These Seven Rays are light beings of great magnitude and high spiritual evolvement. They have a refined and highly developed consciousness. They have no physical form. They are pure light. Their energy is so fine and pure it would ‘blow the fuses’ of our minds if we received it directly. It must be down-stepped to sub-stations in order for us to assimilate it …The planets in our Solar System act as sub-stations for the energy of these Seven Rays and they transmit this energy to Earth via the zodiac”. Excerpt from my book – Esoteric Astrology, the Astrology of the Soul).

To me, this is God’s System – a system of Light energy. Light contains information. The Source of all Light (God/Goddess/All That Is) is pure love –  pure consciousness.

The reason for me mentioning this now is because we, as a collective consciousness, are heading towards a similar world written about in the esoteric sciences. Modern language may be more relaxed yet the underlying science is slowly being proved by our modern scientist through quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

I believe it is this esoteric science of cosmic energy that was known and practiced by the holy family prior to and during the time of Jesus.  Jesus planted seeds of ageless wisdom and divine love two thousand years ago. We can be the harvesters.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,