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End August 2021 Pleiadian Transmissions

By August 30, 2021No Comments

“We are the Pleiadians.

Thank you for hearing our call. We have much to share. Currently, we see many lights dimming while others, choosing to take affirmative action, shine more brightly. We ask you to maintain and expand your light fields by regularly practicing spiritual exercises. Maintaining positive and loving thoughts and practicing daily thanksgiving meditations are needed. Your light and love are needed to aid not only yourself but also those in your circle.

Think of yourself as a flowering plant. A plant has roots, stem, leaves and flowers. The more nourishing the soil, the healthier is the plant. The plant needs the light of the Sun to blossom. Its leaves absorb the air around it. The cleaner the air, the stronger the plant. When love is given to the plant it thrives.

It is the same for humans. Clean fresh air, the nourishing soil of an awakened subconscious mind, the light of the Sun, and love is needed to survive and thrive. If any of these are missing, the human will to live weakens.

There are many cities in the world now where the light of the Sun has been obliterated. Pollution has taken its place. Viruses developed accordingly. Pollution also takes over the human mind. Negative thoughts create mental pollution.

By focusing your mind on loving thoughts and deeds, and by cleaning up your inner and outer environment, cleaner air is created”.



29th August, 2021

“Thank you for hearing our call.

As from this day forward, planet Earth begins to receive higher and finer vibratory tones. These tones are harmonising. They come from a Programming Centre of Light beaming from Arcturus in the Bootes constellation to a cosmic system of ten with Sirius as the central star.

Our scribe wrote about this system in her new book.

The collective human mind set created so much pollution your planet was unable to handle it. A clarion call went out to the far reaches of the galaxy. Remedial action was taken. However, the collective fear and ignorance was too great to maintain a balance between light and dark. Earth is in the process of stabilisation. As a dog shakes off negativity so too will your planet.

With greater light now bombarding your planet darker elements will attempt to increase their hold. To no avail.

The Light will prevail. A transition period is in effect. The collective human mind is creating it. Watch your thoughts well. Your thoughts create your future reality.

Focus your thoughts on loving kindness, gratitude, love of Nature’s beauty, and love of your Creator, and consciously create a future of joy. Your planet, solar system and galaxy need you to do so.

Each one of you is connected to the whole. Never can you be separated from Prime Creator. Never!

You are one with the Infinite One for ever.

Each thought you think effects the interconnected web of life.

We are the Pleiadians, and we love you.”




As I was coming out of the above transmission focus zone, I heard my inner voice, in a jubilant tone, say:

“It’s done, Ashtara. It’s done!
The re-set button has now been activated”.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,