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End August 2020 Record Keepers

By August 30, 2020No Comments

“We begin,

In times gone by, and in times to come, humans will be living a more natural life connected to Nature. You will realise the value and importance of unification with Nature. What do we mean by unification with Nature?  It means to live within Nature’s guidelines. To sleep when it is dark. To be active during the day. To awaken each morning without devices, and to appreciate the gift of life. To eat Nature’s bounty from the garden, to drink pure, clean water and breathe fresh, clean air. To value all life, including the lives of animals, insects and birds.

A return to a simple way of life is imminent. “How will this take place?” you may ask.We cannot foretell the how, but we do see the outcome.This outcome has happened before in human evolutionary history, and it will happen again. Some technology will still exist.”


“When the truth is known, manipulation and control by the few will cease. When a shadow is seen by the light, the shadow no longer exists. When will the shadow be seen? When enough people wake up to realise the level of control and manipulation taking place in their lives. It’s the ‘hundredth monkey’ effect. Other revelations will follow.

The time for this realisation is fast approaching.”


“In times to come, and in times past, human evolution into higher consciousness faltered.
Humans can be resistant to change.  This resistance causes problems that manifest physically. We understand your resistance to change however, it is one thing that is constant in life.

Progress requires change. You are progressing into areas of space never before experienced.  We, as Record Keepers, are preparing you. You can choose to hear our messages and act upon them, or not. Your lives will never be the same again.

Some time ago, the Arcturians mentioned that many people would be relocating from the cities to country areas where the air was cleaner and the beauty of nature abounded. This relocation movement will continue.”


“Throughout human evolution there has been a constant. We in the higher realms have been, and will continue to be, of support.  We love you as part of our family. We are a family of souls, all connected through love to the One Source. This is the constant. We observe, heal and love. You are never alone. Often you do not call us until your darkest hour. We always respond to your call. We ask you to call us whenever you need guidance. Why wait until you descend into darkness?

Our scribe has been consciously working with us for decades, and we have trained her in the deeper mysteries. Often, she asks for healing and we oblige. We are a collective consciousness, each with our own individual gifts, based on experiences. We exist on a different frequency band to you. We are all aspects of the One Source of Light”.

“To all intents and purposes, our work as Record Keepers is never done. Yet we continue. Why? Because of our devotion to the One Source of Light.  We encourage humans to also do so. This work is fulfilling.

We exist in the ever-present now, so there is no time as you on earth know it. Our lives are meaningful as well as fulfilling. We ask humans to find and develop your unique gift so you too can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. Your gift will be something you enjoy, and do naturally.

That is all for now”.

“We begin.

In time to come, as earth moves further into a different area of space, more changes will be experienced. There is no need for concern. Evolution of human consciousness is the agenda, and, as you are aware, this is taking place. This spiritual consciousness evolution is accelerating, and will continue to do so. It cannot be stopped. We, in the higher realms, rejoice as we observe more lights turning on as self-realisations increase. A return to the Light of God consciousness is imminent, no matter how hard the dark attempt to prevent it.  We offer soul fuel. You choose to accept it, or not.

As earth continues moving through a different area of space, she will have to contend with many changes. She is also evolving into great Light. In esoteric terms, she is becoming a sacred planet. What does this mean? For millions of years she existed within a certain frequency, or wave band. She is transitioning into a higher frequency and humans upon her have the opportunity to do the same.

We speak in simple terms to enable comprehension. Your planet is moving through unknown territory, as is all life upon her. We observe, and are alert to the changes. Your lives will continue to change and many adjustments will need to be made. To flow in trust through these changes, having faith in divine order may be challenging for some. Building and maintaining faith is part of the journey to the Light, and is a choice. If you choose to focus on the Way of Light, embracing Divinity, your transition will be smooth. Should you allow negativity that includes judgements and fears to rule your mind, you will encounter them as blockages in your external world. It is, and always has been.

We ask you to consciously create thought forms filled with gratitude, loving kindness and joy. The lightness of spirit will then fuel your life. You will soon realise how you create your lives, and choose to do so consciously. As you create your life joyously, others will be attracted to your vibration. Your joy and love of life will help them lighten.

That is all for now”.

Blessings and Love,