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End April 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

By April 29, 2024No Comments

Ascension of Consciousness through Scorpio

How appropriate is the above transmission downloaded during the cycle of the Sun through Taurus.  The opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio and it was a Scorpio Full Moon last Wednesday. Many readers will have felt the influence of this powerful energy.  Deep emotions are likely to have arisen so you could observe yourself and your reactions from a “watcher” perspective.

Each of the signs of the zodiac have a pictograph connected to their unique energetic emanations. There are three pictographs for the sign of Scorpio, symbolising three different levels of human consciousness as the subconscious mind; the conscious mind and the super conscious mind. To ascend into the higher realms of spiritualised Light, all three levels of consciousness need to be understood and worked through.

The first symbol, the one most people are familiar with, is the Scorpion. A scorpion stings its own tail and dies, completely unconscious/ignorant of how and why they have created problematic situations in their lives.  The Scorpion is a metaphor for the level of consciousness where  most of the population of  our planet is at now. This level is rapidly changing as more people become self-aware. This is a necessary step on the journey of ascension.

The second symbol is the eagle, connected by the metaphor contained within the above transmission. At this higher level of consciousness the human/eagle has now reached the observer level of consciousness on the ascension journey. Able to see, from the eagle perspective, its prey –  those destructive, lower vibrational thoughts that manifest as emotional pain and illness.

Once the eagle individual sees clearly, it can swoop down on its prey to transform the shadow thoughts and their cause through physical action. This action may be taking time out of everyday life  to visit a physcotherapist, rebirther, past-life regressionist or a similar alternate healer who understands the spiritual energy of consciousness. The individual, taking responsibility for and owning  his or her thoughts, emotions and actions,  seeks to access cause of the problematic thought and subsequent emotional and physical pain the thought creates. It is only through realising and releasing the dense energy and taking personal responsibility for it,  that the inner Light can shine brightly.  In other words, it is  only through the light of self-realisation that harmonisation and healing can occur.

The third Scorpio symbol is that of the phoenix, the mythical bird that rises out of the ashes of its former self. These three pictographic symbols can be likened to the journey of ascension from the density of the ego’s unconsciousness psychology (scorpion)  to the conscious  spiritualised Light of divine love. Divine love is the substance of spiritual Light. It was though Divine Light we were all created.

The Ascension journey is the symbolic return to the womb of the Divine Mother who birthed all creation.  It is one all soul’s take.  When – is a choice made by the soul prior to incarnation. .


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,