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End April 2022 Astrology News

By April 26, 2022No Comments

New Moon 1 May 2022, 10 degrees Taurus 28 mins (6.28 am AEST)


Stable and self-contained Taurus, an earth sign, seeks a new beginning. Sun, Moon, Uranus and North Node are all positioned in Taurus at this New Moon, creating a close grouping of planets, known as a stellium. Each planet in the stellium has it’s own unique package of energy. Just we we human beings do. Each of us is an energetic mixture of all the signs of the zodiac, not only our Sun sign.

There is another stellium in the New Moon chart where Neptune, Venus and Jupiter closely align in Pisces, a water sign. Too much water can drown the earth, yet earth needs water in order to produce food.

In human psychology it is the same. The water element governs our emotions. The earth element governs our practical and well-grounded ability to survive and thrive. We are spiritual beings who chose to incarnate on our precious planet Earth in order to grow into our greater lighter selves. Should we allow unconscious emotions to overtake our lives, our ability to thrive in this 3D realm will be weakened. In it’s higher form Pisces energy connects us to spirituality and divinity. Therefore, any forward steps to be taken need to inspired by Spirit. For example: It may be time to take the first well-grounded steps forward towards the manifestation of a dream you have held dear to your heart for many years. Or, some time ago you may have received clear guidance to take a forward step during a meditation yet hesitated to follow it because of fear.

Transiting Mars, also in Pisces, is in easy aspect to the New Moon providing the confidence to drive the dream/vision forward into manifestation, as long as each new step is well anchored and stable before the next step is taken. Aries impulsiveness will not work under a Taurus New Moon.

Some readers may remember from childhood the fable connected to the hare and the tortoise.I liken the hare to Aries, and the tortoise to Taurus.

Both began the race together. The tortoise (Taurus) plodded on, with full focus of attention on the goal ahead. The hare, (Aries) on the other hand, bounded off into all directions, confident it would win the race. Of course it could. However it got sidetracked with all sorts of other interesting happenings ‘over there’, dynamically racing to wherever he wanted to go to check them out. The Taurus tortoise slowly plodded on, and won the race.

The Taurus New Moon is connected to this fable. Plodding on, one step at a time, is needed to build a firm future foundation from which to launch any new creation, whether the creation is relative to finance, business, education, building, health, relationships, groups, futuristic concepts or home and family.Full focus of your attention will be needed to take each forward step, trusting your inner guidance and natural instincts as each new step is sensed. (Taurus rules our senses). Enjoy your New Moon experiences.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,