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End April 2021 The Record Keepers Transmissions

By April 25, 2021No Comments

“We begin,

From time immemorial, humans have lived lives connected to the Sun, Moon and stars. How would it be without the Sun? How long would humans exist without it?

The Moon governs the ocean’s tides, and the tides of human emotion. Fishermen know when to catch the best fish by observing the Moon’s tides. Nature, whether on land or in the sky, acts as a guiding light for all life on Earth. Indigenous people respect the Earth for all she provides. Modern people do not even question how food is grown. Children grow up in cities unaware of Nature’s bounty. Some have no idea of how the food they eat is grown. Many do not want to know. Millions starve because there appears to be insufficient food.

The Earth is capable of providing sufficient food for all its inhabitants. The soil must be returned to natural good health. For too long poisonous substances have ensured gradual depletion of nutrients.

Human health and wellbeing improve through regular connections to Nature. This healing remedy was one given to patients by most doctors many years ago. Now a pill is offered.

Where has human respect for Nature gone? Respect for, and reliance on, technology has taken its place. Addictions to electronic programmes is a growing sickness. Sensitive and aware adults feel the electromagnetic emissions and avoid them to prevent health problems.  Others become engrossed, whether for work or pleasure. Imbalances occur.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”



“We begin,

In times to come, as humans develop greater psychological self-awareness and willingly take responsibility for their life creations, the darkness experienced externally will considerably reduce.

Earth is a planet where duality abounds. It is when dark psychology takes prominence over light that we in the higher dimensional realms become concerned. Every thought and emotion contains a vibration. When human psychology is dark, the vibration is slow.
When love, gratitude and joy abound the vibrations emitted are high and light.

Human vibrations affect the planet and all living creatures and plants upon her. This natural science, known to all indigenous people, is finally being understood by your scientists.

Making an effort to master your thoughts and subsequent emotions aids your planet’s movement through space. It also enables conscious and aware relationship interactions.

There is no down side to mental mastery. Many children are now being born with psychological and spiritual understanding far exceeding that of their parents. They are your future leaders.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


“As with all life there is a beginning and an ending. Yet the seeming ending is not final. The body may perish but the consciousness of the soul and the spirit continues on. There is no death for the soul and spirit. They continue on, leaving the earth plane to travel into higher dimensions of light on their return to Source.

The cycle of life is endless. There is only one life; One Source- one Creator – with many aspects. You are as a diamond spark within the Great Body of Source, circling in and out of incarnation until done with the 3D realm. There are infinite realms.

Many humans living now on planet Earth have recall of lives spent in other dimensions of time and space, seemingly as dreams or as meditation experiences. Inter-dimensional travel is occurring more frequently.

Your scientists are exploring this natural phenomenon. So-called death is a transition from one realm of experience to another. The consciousness doesn’t die.

Fear of death causes rigidity. Fear is a killer. Love is the healer.

Life is for learning, through experiencing. You create your experiences according to your thoughts. You can choose to learn through love and joy, or otherwise.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,