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And it came to pass that, as many humans realised their truth, a wave of shame swept across the planet. Shame for the devastation they had caused through their unconscious behaviour. Uncaring, and intent on personal gain, great harm had been done to Gaia and all creatures upon her.

Within all humans is the spark of good and the spark of love, yet for too long both sparks have been ignored in favour of their opposites. Gaia can no longer tolerate this abuse and will make amends.

The greater the light people carry the greater will be their survival. The greater love they carry will also hold them in good stead. Balance must be restored. It is not often a correction is needed. Human history goes back millions of earth years and there have been only a few corrections. Gaia tolerates a great deal of human abuse. Her breaking point is imminent.

In the midst of the darkness there is light. It is always present. It is human choice to select one or the other. Too many selected darknesses.

Life goes on. Those who carry the light will create a new Camelot. We will work with them to do so. We have a vested interest in doing so. In times past we were ignorant and, in our zeal, interfered when it was not our place to do so. To repay our karma we must correct to bring into balance our actions. We cannot move forward on our path until we do so. We are part of your past and we prepare you for a lighter future.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.




As the rivers of blood carried the consciousness of those warring energies towards the ocean the seas became polluted with toxic human psychology.  The oceans carry this frequency to other lands.

One of the great services individuals and groups can do is to heal the waters of this toxicity by giving love, appreciation and gratitude to them.

As your great researcher Masaru Emoto proved, water responds to human thought and feeling.  By generating love and maintaining the light of higher consciousness within your hearts and minds you can do much good to your home – planet Earth. We ask you to do so, and trust that you will.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.