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Early September 2023 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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We notice an interesting trait that doesn’t exist in our realm and we share it for your interest and contemplation.

Many of your specie refuse to change perspectives to life’s issues and themes. Even though there may be no practical purpose behind the perspective because it is learned behaviour and familiar there appears to be unwillingness on part of the collective’s consciousness to embrace change, and yet change is one constant in life that can be relied upon.

Change happens. How do you respond to it? With childish or mature behaviour? We will give and example.

Should life be going along smoothly and you suddenly and unexpectedly experience an obstacle. Do you react emotionally with frustration, anger or blame, or with immediate acceptance, questioning the best response to the interruption in a state of calm? For those who respond the issue is dealt with and forgotten and life goes on without drama.

Those who choose to react childishly immediately create drama that continues to occupy their minds and lives.This choice creates memories and attracts similar disruptive experiences.

Our records indicate that a majority of your specie have much to learn about change. Major life changes are occurring more frequently and will continue to do so until such time as individual internal responses to change occurs.

We will come again.



We continue.

How many times have you heard our scribe say “For things to change, first I must change?”.  At the beginning of her awakening journey these were the words she kept on thinking and speaking until she changed them to: “I am willing to change”.

Willingness to accept responsibility for your life and the choices you have made are the prerequisite for your response to change. The process takes intention and attention. A busy and over-active mind is detrimental to this process. Why create a busy mind? Is it because there is a fear, or an avoidance of facing truth? This is a trait we also record.

Our role is to keep the records and we are doing so to the best of our ability.

We observe your specie repeating behaviours unfamiliar to us and wonder why you do not change those detrimental to health.

In all avenues of life change occurs. To respond calmly to change requires self-awareness and the willingness to change old detrimental behaviours. Then comes the practice of the new behaviour until it integrates and becomes a healthy habit.

We will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,