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Early September 2022 Astrology News

By September 4, 2022No Comments

One of the lesser known aspects of astrology is the study of the Asteroid Goddesses. Whenever I’ve taught my students about these goddesses life enhancing breakthroughs in their self-awareness resulted. We unconsciously express the themes associated with each of these goddesses to create havoc in our lives. Once conscious, we can change our psychological games and, as if by magic, our relationships immediately change for the better.

There is a High Priestess within each and every one of us who walks the path of divine love, power and wisdom. This is the path of spiritual self-mastery where we are initiated through the dark night of the soul into the light of divine love.

It brings me joy to activate students into the Ancient Sacred Mysteries of not only the four main asteroid goddesses, but also of those connected to the Cosmic Divine Feminine’s role in the Aquarian Age. It is only through her that intuition, inner vision, signs, dreams, symbols and feelings can guide our pathway to peace.

The rising of Mary Magdalen’s prominence at the beginning of this New Age was a clear demonstration of humanity’s need for Divine Feminine guidance. Within you the light of her wisdom seeks expression. She will, if you allow it, open your heart and mind to untold possibilities and assist you to grow into your highest potential.

Goddess Sedna, only discovered beyond Pluto in our solar system in late 2003, is a cosmic player and aspect of the loving power of the Divine Feminine. As she travels closer to Earth major changes to our consciousness are taking place. She is igniting our soul’s fire, boldness, courage and unique formerly hidden attributes. She requires our trust and attention. ‘click here’

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,