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Early September 2022 – A Crack in the Cosmic Window

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From Ashtara’s book : A Crack in the Cosmic Window

Early September 2022

1) A personal message from Lord Chohan –

“ … we are coming to a special time in history that is an important step for mankind and there are special tasks that you and others will be required to perform. They encompass a wide variety of strategies and are all directed for the ultimate good of mankind. Be calm in the unrest to follow. Meditate daily to keep energy balanced, and send as much love out as possible.

Any attempts to deny self will be met with opposition
Any attempts to manipulate and control will be met with opposition.
The message is to open your hearts to love.
Greetings, the Hierarchy, Lord Chohan”


2) Another personal message, applicable to all

“You have been chosen as a channel to communicate our messages to the world. How you do this is up to you. We love and respect you and believe you will fulfil your task honourably. We come as your brothers and not as your masters and as such wish to be referred to as brothers.

Our task is to assist channels to open the hearts of others through their words.

“Why me?”

“You have been tested and have passed. Be true unto yourself in all things. Stand firm in your beliefs and do not allow others to override you.

The Hierarchy is only interested in the welfare of the spirits on the earth plane. We do what we can to help by sending our rays of love and wisdom to the Earth. Our task is to open up the hearts of earthlings to accept the love of God/All That Is. To do this, each individual needs to seek love within him/herself. The truth of love will set the person free. Love is the only thing there is.

The hatred, anger and wars will cease and 1000 years of peace will follow, however each person needs to come to terms with their own nature. Acceptance of who they truly are is the key. This may take effort on the individual’s part, however it is the only way to survive what is to come.

Personal responsibility, an open heart and the willingness to allow true love, which is firstly a love of self leading to a love of God/All That Is. It is constantly in a state of expansion.

Each person needs to look into themselves to find God/All That Is”.

-Blessings be, your brothers


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,