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Early September 2021 Pleiadian Transmissions

By September 7, 2021No Comments

“Thank you for hearing our call.

We come to you with love in our hearts and a desire to serve. We come from your future and as  you will be in times to come.

We see you are about to make a challenging step, an unnecessary one in your evolutionary development. We wish to warn you of it. We know our message may fall on deaf ears but we want to do what we can. For far too long your focus has been to get all you can from your planet. To take and take.

How much can any one human take from another until rebellion or disaster occurs?

This is your situation now. We see it plainly. Where has love gone? Why has greed taken its place?

Your planet has been one of natural beauty. Much of it has been extracted, burnt or eradicated. Your indigenous people are concerned, as are other species observing you.

Your planet will take care of itself as it haas done in the past.

Those residing in the higher and finer vibrational realms do what they can. Their loving vibrations do much to stabilise your planet. You can do the same while living upon her. We ask you do so. In your families and other groups, focus your combined loving and unified thoughts on visualising your planet in space, in the centre of your circle receiving your loving rays. The vibrations you generate and direct at her will help her stabilise. Fighting with anger will not. Anger is a dense and heavy emotion”.




“We come today with a message of hope. There are many dark aspects on your planet, all seeking to get. Intent on power, based on control and greed, their contamination has reached untenable proportions.

On the other hand, there are those focusing on the light. They give to those in need with love in their hearts and good will on their minds. Your planet was designed to enable the co-existence of dark and light.

To evolve though and beyond the dark into the light has been your soul’s challenge, and is the purpose of your earthly incarnations.

In the higher realms, where bliss is experienced as a constant, the opportunity for accelerated growth doesn’t exist, hence incarnations on Earth. The soul chooses the particular elements and growth experiences it wants to experience in each incarnation, prior to descent into this Earth plane.

Many humans are now aware of this evolutionary process and are working with their soul’s choices, rather than against them. They are paying attention to, and acting upon, the inner guidance of their soul that only comes through feeling and intuition. As this evolutionary process becomes more widely understood and appreciated, a new way of living life emerges. The soul desires peace and harmony. Knowing the earthly experience involves balancing discord, an effort is made to do so. This process involves self-awareness through self-knowledge and self-understanding.

Many more humans are making the conscious decision to take this path. This path leads to union.

We will come again”.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,