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Early October 2022 Astrology News

By October 2, 2022No Comments

There’s lots to write about today. First will be astrological terminology, followed by my interpretation. I’ll focus on the soon to end internally challenging cosmic square formation between transiting retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and retrograde Uranus in Taurus.

The first exact square ( a 90 degree angle) between these two cosmic players took place on 18 February 2021 – the second on 15 June 2021 and the third on 24 December 2021. For the first twelve days of October 2022 both these planets are in a tight, but not exact, square at 18 degrees. Then they begin to separate and their energetic influence will lessen. The question to ask ourselves is: “How best to make positive use of this energy?”

Let’s look at the physical effect of this energetic cosmic geometry between Saturn and Uranus on the collective, and then on individual’s lives over the last two years. Please remember, we are each born with all the cosmic energies within us, to differing degrees. In other words we are not only our Sun signs.

When the energy beam from a transiting planet connects to a placement in our birth chart through sign and degree, it awakens, or stir us up, into acting positively – or re-acting negatively – to life’s circumstances. It depends upon our level of self-awareness as to which response we make. This is the natural order of the Cosmos and is the timing for how and when we can spiritually evolve and grow into expanded consciousness. When enough individuals awaken from their unconscious sleep, the released energy affects the collective. We are all energetically connected. It cannot be otherwise. Let’s look at the two zodiacal signs involved in the influencing energy.

The Taurus energy connects to our values, to money, our levels of self-worth and self value, and our ability to manifest abundance on whatever level (emotionally, spiritually, materially or physically) we value. It is also connected to our resistance to move from our comfort zone of the known. It is magnetic energy.

Aquarius is about change. It gets bored with the Taurus comfort zone so challenges our values and resistance to change. It is futuristically oriented, appreciates new inventions and technology, and is connected to higher consciousness. Separation from love is a main theme. Aquarius is electrical energy. I recently experienced the energetic result of resistance to change as inertia, apathy and mental slowness. Your experience may be different.

Let’s look at what’s been going on around our values and the money situation over the past two years. While the collective’s consciousness was focused on COVID 19 cash money wasn’t welcomed in many stores because it could be virus contaminated. Payment for purchases needed to be via card. Old monetary values were challenged. Cryptic currencies became a theme in the collective mind. In Australia, banks lowered their interest rates to almost zero. Real estate sales and prices rose to unprecedented levels. Rent prices increased leaving many people homeless. And now, interest rates are rising quickly just as the above two cosmic players begin to separate.

Some people have uncovered a troubling ‘underground’ power play relative to money, whereby a trackable ‘spyware’ system has been developed and is about to be utilised. Every dollar spent will be covertly or overtly trackable.

Let’s return to you. Review your experiences over the past two years. Where and how have they been different to normal? Were you able to move through your resistance to change? Did you feel lighter as a result? Was separation from love (Aquarius) involved and/or was moving from your comfort zone of the known involved? What situation or event brought about the change(s)? How did you respond to the proposed changes?

As a result, can you see how your life is changing for the better as excitement takes the place of apathy and stagnation?

There’s still time to move through any left-over resistance and create a lighter and happier state of being, not only for yourself but the result of so doing will affect all those within your field of influence.

On this day, Sunday 2 October, transiting Venus is 3 degrees Libra in exact opposition to retrograde Jupiter at 3 degrees Aries. Observe how indecision may arise within you (Libra) and choose to act positively for yourself (Aries) in whatever area of life you feel the urge to expand. Jupiter is providing the opportunity for you to become aware of how you energetically weaken through indecision and how this affects your entire state of being.

Good News: On 8 October, transiting Pluto, 26 degrees Capricorn, turns direct. Like a steam train, it will gather speed slowly and then take off – preparing to move into Aquarius on 24 March 2023. For those people with planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn (all cardinal signs ) around the 27/28/29 degrees will be experiencing either transformation through a release of conventional mores, old limitations and restrictions, or be bound even tighter by them, allowing fear to rule. Your choice!

The key theme for inner transformation is being willing to take personal responsibility for all your life creations, realising you are the creator of your own reality and attract, by the nature of your psychological energy, that which you most fear. Be kind to yourself. Love your in-built connection to Divine Creator and take loving action on your own behalf accordingly. You are the answer to all your problems. Love heals all. Give from your overflow of love and become aware of how love returns to you.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,