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Early October 2021 Pleiadian Transmissions

By October 4, 2021No Comments

“We are the Pleiadians. We come to you in love and a desire to serve. We work through scribes who are open and willing to relay our messages. We cannot stay silent when we observe the huge wave of fear escalating in the collective mind. If not stopped it will become a tsunami and attract like.

We ask you to focus your thoughts on love and allow love to guide each new step in life. Your future depends upon it. Know you have not only our support and love but also that of many other starry lights.

Love heals”.

“In times to come, when your current debilitating situation is over, you will have changed. Whether your mental conclusions will be based on love and appreciation for all you have learned and experienced, or on fear and retribution is up to you.

The content of energy behind the thoughts is your choice and will create the reality you will experience. Self-created experiences need to be based on personal responsibility. For those still operating their lives in ignorance, continually blaming external sources for their problems, life will become more challenging. For those who view life from a higher and more loving perspective, willingly taking responsibility for your creations, life will be fulfilling and joyful. This has always been. Thought creates.

Your scientists now know that the brain changes according to thoughts and beliefs. Many more scientific discoveries will be made to confirm our perspective. Genetics can no longer be blamed for certain illnesses. The scientists realise that positive thoughts of love, gratitude and joy are life enhancing while negative thoughts are life destroying.

How many people will choose to change their minds?

You chose to evolve and grow into greater self-awareness on planet Earth. You may have forgotten this choice. Amnesia time is over.

We will come again”.

“We have come again to remind you of who you really are. You are as a cell in the infinite body of Source. As with all cells in your own body, you cannot dismiss them, believing they are not yours.

No matter how far you have travelled over countless lifetimes, nor what type of body you inhabited, you remain a vital cell in the one encompassing body of Source. When you allow integration of this truth, your life will change for the better. We do not speak idle words.

Source, or God, is your energy Source, your power Source, your fuel. Without it you cannot exist. Our scribe describes Source, or Prime Creator of all that is, as a hologram. Spherical, containing everything – all matter and space. Everything in it is connected. As your scientist said many years ago, when a butterfly flap its wings in one continent this movement affects all in every other continent.

Source, God, Prime Creator, Infinite Intelligence or whatever other name you call your Source of life, is pure, loving energy that can be felt and experienced.

Your purpose for earthly incarnations is to allow It to guide your life. How? Through focusing on your feelings of joy, and following them through. Our scribe feels joy when working in her garden. She enjoys aiding the growth of her plants. This joy carries through to her work. She enjoys assisting and catalysing spiritual growth in her students and clients.

We ask you to access your joy. To do so, practice being a watcher of your heart-felt feelings. Register this feeling in your mind. Make a note of it if this helps, and decide to create more of it. You are the creator of your reality. Why not create joy? As you feel joy, so too does Source feel your joy. Joy spreads”.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,