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Early October 2020 Record Keepers

By October 5, 2020No Comments

“As in times past, and in times to come, the new world will reveal many mysteries. Discoveries will be made that provide answers to the questions enquiring minds in all walks of life have asked. Your scientific, medical and educational worlds will completely change because of these revelations. Your sacred texts refer to these times.

As each individual reveals the secrets of their subconscious mind, the energy of freedom released through the light of self-awareness travels to the collective. The collective mind absorbs the revealed findings and the higher mind releases memories. These memories contain the answers.

A new step forward can then be taken. We speak plainly so you can realise your value and importance in the unified field. The unified field, in sacred geometry terms, is a hologram.

When you focus on developing higher spiritual self-awareness, the self-realisations revealed enable others to do the same.

A simple energy system permeates all dimensional worlds. It is a consciousness system. Contained within it is the knowledge and wisdom of All That Is and All That Can Be.

In spiritual terms God/Goddess, Prime Creative Intelligence, permeates the substance of all forms and space. The activator of this energy is Divine Love.

Divine Love, the love of God/Goddess for every aspect of creation, fuels worlds into existence. You can accept or reject this love.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”


“We begin,

When emotional trauma is experienced the human body weakens, and needs recuperation time. For some, the recuperation can be quick, for others, not so, depending on the level of self-awareness. When self-realisation occurs, and the psychological issue seen clearly, appropriate decisions are made and acted upon. The body responds immediately, and separation from love is healed. Joy expresses.

The health of your body is an expression of the state of your mind. When this is realised by your medical profession, treatments will change. It won’t be long. Many are aware now.

Taking responsibility for your state of health, and seeking cause of the ill-health from within your mind, will demonstrate this awareness.

And now, to another matter.

Change is a constant in all walks of life. Death is also a constant. Every living creature has a life span, and a purpose for being. The human being was given the gift of mind. Daily, your scientists are making discoveries about mind mechanics. What is mind? Is it the brain?

The brain can be likened to a personal computer. When you purchase a new computer, it comes programmed with certain information to enable it to be used in a particular way. Who is the programmer, and what is the information?

Every human brain is pre-programmed with memories of their soul’s experiences. Each programme is different. No two experiences are the same. Two children born to the same parents experience their parents differently. Similarly, no two brains are the same. The memories stored are unique to each individual. No two minds think alike.

Like your computer or smart phone, you have free will to download new software or applications of your choice. The increasing amount of information readily available is simply an out-picturing of the human brain’s activity and capability.

Sometimes a computer freezes because of electronic overload, as does the human brain.The overload in the human brain is connected to deep emotional memories emerging into conscious awareness. You have the capacity to download the information contained in the emotional memory package, or not. It is an awareness choice. Should you make the choice to “see the light”, to become aware and to take responsible action on the revealed information, your life will change, and your mental computer will function more effectively with the upgrade – the infusion of greater light of self-realisation. Health will improve.

We speak plainly in word pictures to enable comprehension.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,