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Early November 2023 Ashtara’s Musings

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The Role of Victim

The role of unconscious victim is one millions of people play. Victim consciousness emerges through the lower vibrations of the Pisces/Neptune archetypes.  Mental, emotional or  physical suffering is one manifestation. We do not need to suffer. Pisces is a water sign and rules emotions, often those deeply suppressed. Victim status can arise because of unconscious deeply buried and suppressed emotions. Self-awareness that comes through self-realisation is the key to self-healing.

Yesterday, 4th November 2023, transiting Saturn at 0 degrees Pisces moved into direct motion following a retrograde period from 17th June 2023.  During this retrograde period many people will have played the role of victim according to their unconscious conditioned patterning.The activating trigger is likely to have come from someone demonstrating strong Virgo, (opposing sign)  who had high expectations of you performing to their exacting standards, judging you because your mind doesn’t work in the same way as theirs. Like a programmed robot you may have reacted as per the disempowered wounded child, maybe even suffering to the stage of incurring an illness! What a wonderful opportunity it was to realise, acknowledge, take personal responsibility for and transform this debilitating behaviour. Many people may have done so. For others, it’s not a lost opportunity.

Transiting Saturn in Pisces will now begin moving forward through every degree of Pisces. This journey will take until 15 February 2026, providing everyone with an opportunity to become conscious of, and transform any victim status tendencies.  For those who have planets or points in Pisces in their birth charts, activation is likely to be stronger.

A few other lower vibrational behavioural patterns of these two archetypes that come to mind are: mental confusion, escaping into a fantasy world; blaming others for the way you’ve unconsciously created your life; addictions of all kinds, e.g alcohol, drugs, chocolate, gambling, coffee; suffering; unconsciously playing debilitating martyr/saviour/rescuer roles to your detriment. On the other hand: –

Higher vibrational behavioural patterns of Pisces/Neptune are: clarity of mind, compassion, the conscious development of spiritual mastery; seeking Oneness with the internal Higher Self; Being your own guru. Uniting  with and being guided by your internal Spirit. Forgiveness of  lower-self behaviours, and forgiveness of others who you perceived were harmful perpetrators, realising they were your best teachers. Giving up the pursuit of littleness, allowing the joy of spirit to fill your entire being.  Developing the divine love forever resident in the heart.

Yesterday, one of my granddaughters reminded me of the following theme: Realising that, as a soul we chose to enter this 3D earth plane to work through our accumulated past life karma and we would be given every opportunity to do so, why waste a life? Why not get on with our spiritual work this time around?  I agree!
Saturn is the Lord of karma. He’ll do his best to get our attention. It wont be light and fluffy!  Should we not take advantage of his opportunities at the time we’re given them we’ll keep on returning to this 3D consciousness level until we do so.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,