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Record KeepersTransmissions

Early November 2020 Transmissions from The Record Keepers

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“In times soon to come, a great wave of shame will sweep across planet Earth. Uprisings will occur because of it. You will experience not only external, but internal uprisings.

As it is in the heavens, so it is on Earth. The collective human consciousness creates the changes.

We understand the difficulty you have in taking responsibility for your own thoughts that create ripples in the great ocean of the collective human thought, but it is being realised. This ripple will soon become a wave. Daily, this realisation wave is becoming larger, and soon it will be influential in bringing about unprecedented change.

Contained within this wave is the realisation of how you have allowed yourselves to be manipulated and controlled by societal systems existing on all levels of life on Earth. This is how shame will arise. When you have had enough of playing the victim game, you will reclaim your sovereignty and independence.

As it is with humans, so it is with Mother Earth. She too is in the process of ascension, moving beyond the abuse she has allowed into new frequencies – light waves of expression.
Your thoughts of loving kindness, and follow through actions, create ripples in the great ocean of consciousness. You make a difference.

You can remove the chains that bind by developing awareness of the way you allow control and manipulation, and of how you may manipulate and control others to get something for yourself.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”


“We begin,
As Earth traverses a new area of space and the different wave bands of light within that space, she will experience discomfort. She will do her best to maintain equilibrium. We speak simply, in word pictures, to enable comprehension.

In some cases, the light waves encountered may be too strong.

Human intelligence created ways to travel through sound barriers. So too are the means available to travel through finer light frequencies. However, these light frequencies require the knowledge of spiritual science. Spirituality is a natural state attained by realising, and acknowledging, the presence within of a Supreme Intelligence, Mother/Father God. This Presence, in a continual state of expansion, is infinite.  This factor is being considered by modern science because there is no other explanation for phenomenon encountered.

Spiritual science is the science of your future. That future is now. Soon, this natural science will be practiced by all with the eyes to see and ears to hear. Why?  Because it is a life saver.

A Pillar of Light is available to all who seek. Faith, mindfulness and stillness is required before it can be accessed.

Earth is changing her vibrational levels into higher and finer ones. You have the opportunity to do the same. Will you take it?

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


And now, a short message from the Arcturians,

“On this Full Moon we bring a message of love and hope.

There is a vast plan for the evolution of all species including the human species, created by Supreme Intelligence at the beginning of time. Some of your scientists have begun to unveil this Plan. In most cases, they reach a certain level of comprehension and cannot continue. Their minds are not attuned to the missing element. This is the presence of Spirit in all of matter. When this knowledge is accepted and broadcast as truth, the collective consciousness will change.

The Great Plan is intricate, yet simple when understood. A system of energy permeates all of creation. The substance of this energy is Cosmic Light – spiritualised Light. This light is based on Divine Love for all creation. It is the energy of consciousness. Geometries and mathematics natural free-form as this Light travels through space.

In your western world science separated from spirituality long ago. A rapid decline in consciousness followed. Spirit and matter cannot be separated. They are one.

This truth may seem irrelevant to those focused on their material lives, yet it is a message of importance – a life-saving message of hope.

We are the Arcturians. We love and care for you, and will come again. “


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,