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Early Nov 2022 Astrology News

By November 13, 2022No Comments

Mars Retrograde

On  30 October transit Mars, travelling through Gemini, turned retrograde. What does this mean? I’ll generalise then share specifics. Mars is the planet of dynamism, the desire for action, sexuality and thrusting forward into initiating new beginnings.

Retrograde planets can involve experiences of living with a dulled sense of time. Things feel familiar but vague. Should you have a retrograde planet in your birth chart  you can regress back to former lifetimes. e.g. When visiting a new country/city or place, you may feel as if you’ve been there before. You probably have, in a different lifetime. Vague and confusing memories from that life can emerge that don’t make sense in your current reality and can last for some time.

When Mars is retrograde in the birth chart the individual may be born angry and/or can have vague memories of fighting in a war. They can act out their lives in a manner similar to ‘going to war’, fearlessly confronting whatever they feel might or does harm them, their family or life style, whether physical or psychological.  Any connecting planet in the birth chart can indicate whether the war fought was a religious, commercial or racial one. The psychological issue and associated belief system from that life can carry through into the current one.

Babies born during this current Mars in Gemini retrograde period (30 Oct. 2022 – 12 Jan. 2023) can enter this life with past life communication issues possibly involving a lack of curiosity; the inability to confront truth and/or have difficulties in learning or speaking. Or, on the other hand, their curiosity can be so dominant that they eventually become conscious of the karmic lesson involved in their former life experiences and take affirmative action to correct and heal it. Many sexual problems are the karmic residue of retrograde planets – particular Mars.

So let’s look specifically  at transiting retrograde Mars in Gemini. It’s probable that something you recently initiated is now undergoing a review. You may question if the way you had planned to go forward needs to be changed or dropped. Maybe there is a personal belief that needs to be released before you take the next forward step? The Gemini restlessness can result in a higher level of anxiety because a retrograde period is usually introspective. Sexually, there can be a coldness experienced which can lead to judging or blaming the other for inadequacies experienced.  And/or, being so quick off the mark  sexually there may be an inability or unwillingness to consider the partner’s needs. The Gemini restlessness can also lead to superficiality and less than honourable intentions. The ability to focus may also be a challenge.

Currently, transiting retrograde Mars 25 degrees Gemini  is in hard aspect with Neptune in Pisces. People with placements in their charts around 18 – 24 degrees of the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – will be susceptible to this Mars/Gemini influence. Cloudy communication can result. Vague feelings of loss and/or grief, the inability to think clearly, self-sabotage through false communication; deception and illusion; unwillingness to take responsibility for doing necessary chores, and avoidance of deep involvements are manifestations of this energy. Another manifestation could be that of overwhelm.  A regular vigorous daily exercise programme can be the remedy needed to clear the mind. Drugs are unwise.

It would be wise to become self-aware and correct. Bear in mind the wise adage: “True communication is the response I get”.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,