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Early May 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

By May 12, 2024No Comments

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius  – 1 May – 3 September 2024

Last week I wrote about the three symbols of Scorpio and the influence the meaning of these  symbols have on our lives. This week I will take that theme forward via the ruling planet of Scorpio – Pluto.  On 1 May, Pluto turned retrograde in Aquarius.  What does this mean to you and me?

First, let’s look at the esoteric symbol of Pluto. Above the Cross of Matter (a symbol for the earth plane)  is a half circle – (Crescent of the Soul ).  Within it sits the small Circle of Spirit.  This symbol demonstrates the Spirit soaring free  from the Crescent of the Soul  and the Cross of Matter.  It also indicates there are unknown areas within the human subconscious that need to be reached before we can develop deeper levels of self- understanding. As an example – The “me” who incarnates changes as this “me” becomes influenced by society, parents, religions, financial situations etc. Who then is the real “me”? We can call these two selves the lower self and the higher self.  The higher self is connected to the Soul.

When separation occurs between the Soul and the matter of earthly experiences the individual experiences the baser levels of Plutonian energy. Much like the first level of the Scorpio sign;  the scorpion who self-destructs and dies.

Retrograding planets act as spiritual keys that can activate deep unconscious karma and assist in its resolution. A planet in retrograde motion can feel to us as if we  are experiencing a time-warp, re-living an unloving experience from the past. At the time of causation we were unconscious – so we replay the same psychological theme again in order to view the experience in a new light: – i.e. to become conscious of our part in it so we can take responsibility for it. When conscious, we can choose not to ever play that same psychological game again because it was so damaging to our health and wellbeing.  Until we become conscious of it and choose to change our psychology, the theme will keep on repeating.

When we begin the journey into our depths, choosing to transcend the  formerly unknown characteristics stored within our subconscious, we begin to bridge the gap between the unconscious and conscious minds. We link up with our Soul  and work consciously with it, and with our guiding Spirit, eventually coming into contact with the part of us that is essentially good, honest, aware and loving. This is our higher self. Bathed in the Light of Spirit, and the essence of Divine Love, from this enlightened state of being (Phoenix)  we give our lives in support of the greater good of the whole.

Pluto is retrograde for about half of every year. We had our first taste of retrograde Pluto in Aquarius  – from 1st May until 12th June 2023. Not long! Should you keep a journal you may like to reflect on what was going in your life during that short time.

During this 2024 time, Pluto is retrograde in Aquarius for longer, until 2 September when it returns to Capricorn for its final hurrah in that sign until 19th November. Pluto will then remain in Aquarius for 20 years. None of us will be around  when Pluto returns to Capricorn in  250 years time!

I recommend you make a note in your journal of the dates of this current retrograde period because  whatever occurs during this time can be pivotal for your future. A freeing-up (Aquarius) of old past-life memories can take place. And, there may be the emergence of old issues that need resolving relating to friends; and/or to your ideal for the future. This may change as you begin to embrace the brighter Light of Spirit.  Become aware if you resurrect escapist tendencies- unwilling or fearful of facing your truth. Running away will get you nowhere fast – only deeper down the drain into Pluto’s murky underworld. Also  unrecognised inner child issues are likely to emerge in order for you to see them clearly and heal them through your adult parental love.

The area most influenced by Pluto moving through Aquarius is the house position where your natal Aquarian energy is displayed in your birth chart. This area of your life will be transformed during the twenty years as Pluto moves through the sign of Aquarius. How – is up to your Soul’s plan for incarnation.

May the Light and the Love of the Cosmic Mother guide your way forward,