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Early May 2023 Astrology News

By May 9, 2023May 15th, 2023No Comments

Planetary Cycles of Time

OK – Best I elaborate on cycles!

From our perspective on Earth, we observe the planets orbiting around the Sun. We also observe the Moon orbiting around Earth. Let’s begin with the smallest cycle – the Moon.

It’s cycle from New Moon to New Moon takes approximately 28.5 days, spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign of the zodiac. In astrology, the Moon governs our emotional tides, just as it does our world’s ocean tides. Police, emergency and psyche wards are on special alert at each Full Moon, because of the emotional effect the Moon has on our human emotions, according to the themes of the zodiacal sign it is moving through. This cycling process provides an opportunity for all humans to become aware of personal psychology relative to the signs of the zodiac. For example, yesterday, 6th May, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse were in Scorpio, a water sign. Scorpio energy is about empowerment – emotional and mental empowerment. It governs abuse of power as well as personal psychological transformation and alchemy into loving self-empowerment. Our world is filled with abuse of power. There is, however, a growing number of people becoming self-empowered through self-love.

During this recent, new Moon to Full Moon 1/2 cycle, deep-seated emotions may have risen to the surface of your consciousness for you to become aware of and appropriately master and alchemise their content. For example, another may have activated your emotions so you can learn the truth about yourself, grow into greater self-awareness and maturity, and move on because of it. Spiritual growth is about taking a deep dive into our subconscious realms, ensuring the shadow psychological content becomes conscious and healed, and personal responsibility taken for all we feel, think and do. Emotional, mental and physical mastery is the result, and is the foundation of the ascension process. From the Full Moon to the following New Moon, the theme that arose will hopefully be transformed and seen clearly and appreciated as a learning growth experience.

The Sun appears to move through different signs of the zodiac in its approximate 365 day cycle around the zodiac. Every year it highlights a particular placement in your birth chart on approximately the same date. Your birth chart is a symbolic representation of your psyche. Therefore, as the Sun illuminates the one same placement in your birth chart each year, you will feel more alive, vibrant, energised and happier than on other days. This highlighting can be imagined as a beam of bright sunlight providing the opportunity for you to shine and radiate your light and love to all within your sphere of influence. The Sun’s apparent cycle is referred to as a solar cycle.

On your birthday, the Sun returns to the exact position as it appears in your birth chart, designated by the degree and sign. A subsidiary Solar Return or birthday year chart and report can be created from the beginning of this birthday yearly cycle, its accuracy dependant upon the place – city, state, country, where you were on your birthday. It’s likely to be different to that of your birth. This is one of the supportive tools I provide via my website, an approximate 20 page long birthday year report. It’s a helpful tool for ascertaining how you can best work with the planetary energies for the entire birthday year.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. Therefore it’s time cycle is approximately 365 days long as per the Sun. However, Mercury turns retrograde (apparent backward motion) three times a year. Neither the Sun or Moon turn retrograde. Mercury, the Messenger of the gods, is the planet that governs our mind. It’s wise to follow Mercury’s transits to each placement in the birth chart because you are likely to receive many downloads of information from your Higher Self when aware and open to receiving them on those days..

I hope this helps you understand how our lives are governed by cycles. Next week I’ll write of the Venus and Mars cycles.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,