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Early May 2023 A Crack in the Cosmic Window

By May 9, 2023No Comments

We of the mineral kingdom are here to help planet Earth maintain her balance. We are conductors of energy. We distribute energy to wherever the planet needs it.

Each crystal and mineral has a specific function, a specific purpose. Zeolite’s purpose if to hold and contain negative energy in the form of toxins and pollutants and also to hold, contain and selectively release nutrients where needed.

Wherever there are toxins and pollutants is where zeolite can be used favourably. It covers a broad spectrum of uses. We see our role as protectors of planet Earth – we heal that which mankind has damaged.

Our services are best utilised where there are deficiencies – deficiencies of positive energy, deficiencies of nutrients. We can be termed a cleaning up agent. And through the cleansing, balance is reached.

We are particularly useful in the growing of produce, of food. We are here to help with the provision of food to humankind, particularly where the soil is contaminated with toxins and pollutants.

Our cavities contain an abundance of properties that make food production easy, particularly when used with animal manures. This simple procedure will produce vast quantities of food with very little effort by producers.

We also will be of great use in the building of dwellings as we provide insulation. We draw to us any pollutants, any negative energy in the way of sound vibrations, excess heat and excess cold. We help to maintain the balance. As you can see, balance is our service. We are here to help planet Earth come back into balance.

Mankind has created far too many excesses. There is far too much negative energy in the atmosphere. Our task is to help correct this imbalance. We will go into more detail another time.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,