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Early May 2022 Astrology News

By May 2, 2022No Comments

What purpose do eclipses serve in astrology?

The solar eclipse that fell with the Taurus New Moon yesterday was challenging for many. The difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse seems to be that solar eclipses are more external, dealing with events outside the person, whereas the lunar eclipses are more emotional and internal, whereby we reflect upon the problems of life. This reflection can lead to external events generated by the actions of the individual. I can vouch for this.

I liken eclipses to a bright spot light, temporarily and for the life of the eclipse, shining upon a particular psychological issue of which the individual is unaware. When the eclipse light is turned on,  it illuminates a specific area of your life and the psychological issues contained within this area. Whatever had previously been shoved under the carpet can become obvious. It might take a few months to do so.  For example:  On 19 November 2021 there was a lunar eclipse, also in Taurus. Values are one of Taurus’ main themes. What are your true, deeply rooted values? Do you value your home and family above a purely material way of life. Do you value the getting of money as a major value? Do you value your health above all else? I suggest you take time to reflect upon your deepest and true values.

Yesterday, 30 April 2022, there was a  continuation of this ‘value’ theme through a Taurus solar eclipse. For the intervening five months from mid- November to end of April,  the values issue has been ‘cooking’, occasionally bubbling to the surface of your consciousness. Much like a cauldron or a pressure cooker.  Yesterday the valve was released. The issue was  highlighted and available to see and realise for those who chose to become aware. For those unaware, the next Lunar eclipse on 16th May in Scorpio will bring it up again –   so depth digging is needed to extract the treasure of truth. Feelings might be hurt. Emotional pain is likely to be experienced as the psychological issue arises from the subconscious seeking the light of the day. The bringing to the light of hidden problems can be dramatic and extremely emotional.

You can of course choose to blame your emotional stuff on others but it will not lead to a healthy future.  Standing tall, owning it as yours, and choosing to deal with it appropriately, will lead to a healthy future. Accept the challenge, change direction and move forward. Money, the gain or loss of, might be involved and usually is because Taurus connects to the ebb and flow of finances.

I’ll give an example that can apply to millions of people around the globe. I’m going to use key words so students can apply them to their life issues. Reflect upon the signs of the fixed cross: Taurus/Scorpio; Leo/Aquarius. All of these signs and their associated psychology can arise when an old stuck, deeply buried value  issue arises. As I’ve mentioned before, I believe the main human issue on the planet  is separation (Aquarius) from love (Leo). Taurus can be stubborn and hold on tightly to the issue no matter how much drama (Leo) creates.

Let’s look at the global issue of COVID. Many people in Australia, those who value nature, natural food and a natural way of life were given a societal directive. Have the jab or lose your job.

Uprisings (Aquarius) followed. The COVID drama gathered force.  Christmas was approaching, a time when families get together. Families were divided. Those who chose not to have the jab were alienated from society and often from their families.  Where had love (Leo) gone? Many inconsistencies arose. Those who already had the alienation theme running, (most of us)  suffered further separation. Those with wide open hearts felt bullets being fired at them, not only from society but also from family members. These bullets wounded those souls who had memories of earlier separations. These earlier issues, whether from this life or past lives, arose to be seen, realised and healed. During the awakening process, the underlying and probably very old coping mechanism creates automatic reactions that involve separation.  Plans were made to move away from the pain and hurt. As a hurt animal goes away from its attackers to heal or die, so too do humans – until they wake up to themselves, face their own pain, forgive themselves and their attackers and move forward into greater self-realisations and self-love. Tighter boundaries may need to be set, along with the decision to self-heal. Your decision about how you deal with the issue will have long term-consequences.

I liken eclipses to internal earthquakes. Earthquakes arise as Mother Earth re-stabilises and re-settles into a different area. She needs to be flexible to cope with the changing cosmic and human currents she encounters. If she doesn’t shake regularly, disastrous results can arise for all concerned. She does her best to keep her energy harmonised.  However, if we humans dump too much toxicity in the form of emotional density upon her, her shakes increase – as of now.

With another lunar eclipse coming up in two weeks time, I recommend most strongly you take time out of your busy lives to reflect upon an issue or problem that has risen its head during the past five months. It is likely to be based on separation from love – whereby you feel alienated or disconnected from something or someone you truly value and love, no matter what their behaviour. Allow your love to heal your own wounds so you can heal the rift between you and the other. You may need to set stronger boundaries as to what you are willing or not willing to ever experience again.

The effect of an eclipse can be profound. Because of the spotlight, you are being allowed to see the psychological issues in your life that are holding you back, or hindering the fulfilment of your destiny – your purpose for incarnation. Your decisions about how you deal with those issues will have major consequences.
May I recommend your put on your responsible hat and choose to be mature and face them

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,