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Early May 2022 2 Astrology News

By May 8, 2022No Comments

Jupiter enters Aries 11/05/22

On next Tuesday 11th May transiting Jupiter will move into the sign of Aries, leaving Pisces behind for most of the year.  Many sensitive people will feel this energetic change. Mental fogginess is likely to clear. For example: Self-doubt can leave as the new energy enters the mind. A  brighter light can shine into the window of the psyche especially when outmoded beliefs have been released and the focus is on moving forward on your evolutionary journey into the embodiment of greater light. Old parental, societal or religious beliefs that have held you back from adventuring forward can disappear. In there place can come the urge to take forward action into a totally new direction.

Question is – do you have the confidence to take this forward step into unknown territories? For erroneous and limited beliefs, check out this theme in your birth chart relative to the positioning of Sagittarius and Jupiter. Wherever they are placed in your birth chart is where you will find ancestral beliefs that hold you back for reaching your potential.

I often link Australia’s native animal, the kangaroo, to Jupiter and to the sign of Sagittarius. Why?Because the kangaroo moves forward in big leaps and bounds, pausing occasionally to check what’s happening behind just as we too can do under a Jupiter expansion period.

For these who have high confidence levels, the forward movement taken can be excessive, impulsively begun without consideration and foresight. Awareness of the way over-confident impulsiveness has led to  problematic results in the past is needed so a balancing point can be reached.

As my guides say to me: “The old order has passed away. The new is forming. The transition from one to the other takes times”.

Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon – 25 degrees Scorpio 18 mins. on 16th May 2022

This eclipse will heighten the influence of the Full Moon indicating that deeply buried emotions can arise from the subconscious that enables psychological blockages to be clearly seen. When self-realisation occurs a choice becomes available.  To continue playing the old psychological game or deciding to confront and heal the blockage, take responsibility for it so as to move forward into a healthier life.

In many spiritual centres around the globe the Scorpio Full Moon is a time of celebration. Referred to in some circles as the Wesak Full Moon, it is a time when spiritual festivals are held to celebrate the wisdom and teachings of the Buddha.  In your meditations on this day you might like to take yourself to a beautiful green valley in the Himalayan Mountains where hundreds of seated people all dressed in white reverently await the descent of the spiritual forms of Buddha and the Christ. They all begin to tone sacred sounds in unison, as if guided to do so by an unseen force. There is a large bowl of water placed on a special rock nearby and the two spiritual Masters pour their energy and blessings into the water for all to drink.

The special moment can last for some time but eventually the celestial figures ascend once again to their existence in a higher dimension.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,