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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

Early May 2020

By May 3, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

The last Arcturian transmission inspired me so much I decided to act upon an idea that emerged from it. The message was brief so I’ll share it again.

On the threshold of a New Age, when life as you’ve known it changes, questions arise relative to the future. Listen to the children, and to the young adults. Many of them have the answers. They have come into the world of form at this time to help create and build a more sustainable foundation from which to launch into a secure future. These souls have incarnated all over the world for this purpose. Many are aware of it. Many are waking up to it. Times are certainly changing. Human evolution into greater love and light is accelerating.

Listen to the children. Encourage them to believe in themselves, and their intuitive ideas. Ask them to propose scenarios for the planet that are dear to their hearts. The heart connects neurologically to the brain, and is the seat of the soul. These old souls have incarnated specifically to create a different pathway for humanity’s future. The current times are their launching platform. Teachers – give them projects that allow freedom of expression. Encourage their fertile minds to break free from restrictive boundaries. They have the answers.”


I have been privy to the wisdom of some of these children. For example:

1) my next- door neighbour has a seven-year old grandchild. A couple of days ago, this little boy told him that the COVID 19 is not nearly as bad as the Spanish flu, and our species will survive.

2)  Some years ago, a seven – year old boy accompanied by his grandmother visited me to speak of many matters, including his past lives. One life was in Egypt. He spoke in great detail about some of the spiritual tools he used to complete his mission in that life and the hurdles he had to overcome. Many of the tools were unknown to me. He also told us that one of his major psychological challenges to overcome this life is to work through his Capricorn issues with his chosen father, who is a controlling non-believer. He named the planets in our solar system and their sound frequencies and colours. He seemed disappointed when he mentioned the planet he’d come from and I didn’t know of it.

3) A small boy of four and a half found a promotional flyer in his letter-box for a public healing session by a group of visiting Tibetan monks. He begged his mother to take him to it. She did so.  Immediately they entered the room he ran to the front and embraced one of the Tibetan monks. This monk spoke to him in the Tibetan language and he replied. The boy had been a Tibetan healer in a previous life and had clear memories of it.

I could go on, but you get the drift. The idea came to me to collate the children’s wisdom into a meaningful book. I would enjoy doing so. If you also feel inspired by this project please contact me any revealing comments you hear from your small children or grandchildren relative to their purpose for being here, the current situation, our future, or whatever else you feel is relevant.

Together we can create something valuable and worthwhile for future generations. I do hope you are as inspired as I am – As the Arcturians say, “Listen to the children … they have the answers”.


And now – to the most recent Transmissions

“We begin. Amidst the global turmoil a greater light shines brightly. Those who chose to follow the light are doing so fully aware of the consequences of not doing so. Those choosing to follow the lower path may suffer.

We are blunt because it is needed. The highway to self-realisation comes through self-awareness and has been taken by many. It is the path of joy. The low way is the path of re-action and is fear based. Our messages have been, and will continue to be, of love.  Many adjustments to the human psyche need to be made before the highway becomes filled with joy filled travellers. To face one’s shadow and alchemise it through love and forgiveness is not an easy path, yet it is the highway to heaven.

We ask you to stay centred in love throughout the turmoil. Love is the highest vibration and love heals soul wounds. Love is the highway to freedom. Joy is its partner. Grace follows. When the vibration of love and joy fill the mind, lower vibrational energies cannot enter the body. It is and always will be.

We are the Arcturians and will come again”.


“In times to come those who have chosen to follow the path of light will have no need to eat as much food. Light will be their food source. Light fuels the human soul. ‘Light’ is the light of self-awareness – of thoughts, feelings and of the body’s many nuances. In their play, many children born and soon to be born have this awareness. Their moral code, based on fuelling the living light of love, is strong. Their memories of living within the Creator’s field of love is still with them. They remember. And they will teach their parents to also remember. They are born with this mission, and they will not fail. Just as those spiritual teachers alive now are not influenced by the dark behind the turmoil neither will light-infused children be influenced.

On your earth plane of duality wherever there is dark there is also light. A new cosmic system has been introduced, a trinary one, that offers a way out of duality. Ashtara knows this system and will share it with those who live in the light. It will be incomprehensible to those in shadow.

The light of higher consciousness cannot fade. It can and will become brighter. The current shift in consciousness is an opportunity to walk across the bridge of the mundane material shadow world into the brilliant light of love. Will you take it?

We are the Arcturians and we love you dearly.”.


As the light of higher consciousness increases and broader perspectives are realised,  accepted and lived, your external world changes. Inner light creates external light. This concept may be incomprehensible to those who choose to live in shadow.

It takes courage to face and to alchemise into love shadow psychology but it is the way to living in a world of living love light. Perceptions of life change with each self-realisation. When affirmative action is taken to never again repeat the revealed shadow psychology the change occurs instantly. Anxieties and fears no longer govern the mind. Reactionary behaviour ceases. The living light of love guides daily actions and the world is bright.  Creativity abounds when joy fills the heart and soul. The high path is simple. Complexity is a mental creation.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.

Love and blessings,