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Early March 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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Evolutionary Choices

We humans we granted free will to live our lives as we choose, taking into consideration the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we cause creates a ripple. Whether the pond is small or large is of no matter. The ripple expands and keeps on expanding until it reaches land. So it is for whatever we cause. We can rise above this evolutionary necessity once we have consciously, with awareness, made necessary corrections.  Sincere heart-felt daily forgiveness based on love,  assists the process. Forgiveness of self for having caused/attracted the problem or issue in the first place, and/or forgiveness of the other who we perceive has done us a wrong. The words I use and share: “I now forgive myself/other for harming myself/another. I did the best I could with what I knew at the time. I now have the light of greater understanding and see more clearly.  I deeply and sincerely forgive. This is my responsibility and I am accountable for it”.

There are many ways of perceiving the one thing. Test it out, as I’ve  done. I placed an object in the centre of a table. People sat around it.  I asked each one to tell me what they saw. Everyone described the object from a different perspective. The object didn’t change.

In one of my trainings with Merlin he had me do the same – the model in the centre was of a pyramid. He explained how important it was to open our minds to view life from many different perspectives -and to always include a higher one. Think of how someone looking down on a pyramid from above would see it entirely differently to everyone else seated around the table on which it was placed.

Before we do the forgiveness healing process it is wise indeed to view the issues we encounter from many different perspectives.  And then to question ourselves as to whether we are willing to let go of the need to be right. As we willingly  transform our consciousness to that of a higher vibrational level by addressing and healing forever our shadow psychology, our external world changes for the better. It has to, because your vibration will be higher.

Humanity’s consciousness is intimately connected to that of our precious planet Earth. She is a living, evolving entity, also on a transformational growth path. When we each develop greater light of self-awareness we pass this lighter energy on to her, as a mother does to her child. Gaia’s light becomes stronger and she is more able to withstand the potent energies coming in from outer space. The more we each respect, value, show gratitude and appreciation for her, the lighter she will become and the more able she will be to withstand the natural incoming frequencies.

Daily we receive huge downloads of energy from different sources within our solar system and beyond. From one source we are receiving unusual energy, not experienced for approximately 11,000 years. This energy comes from Sedna, whose orbit around the Sun takes her way out of our Solar System and close to our neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda.

Her orbit is fixed. Her approach is inevitable. It is natural. How we handle her energy is entirely up to each one of us. The more awake, self- aware and love-filled we are, the better we will manage it.  It is wise indeed to take responsibility for our personal energy intake and output. How clean is it? Will it enhance or destroy our planet?

Sedna was first identified in our Solar System in 2003. Her orbit is hugely elliptical, from way out beyond Pluto to reasonably close to the Sun. In ancient Sumerian texts there are many mentions of this ‘visiting’ planet, and the beings from it who set up homes on our planet because of their discovery of gold here. Earth has plenty. Earth’s history is long. Civilisations have destroyed themselves our planet. Gaia’s spirit of giving abundance to all lives on. How blessed are we.

Our world is changing. It is a given. It will continue to do so. The old world is no more. A new world is forming – by our thoughts. Thoughts and deeds based on love will create a wondrous world. Let us consciously create a world based on loving kindness.


May these messages inspire and enlighten, and may you choose to seek the Eternal Presence within to find peace, love and understanding.

Love and blessings,