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Early March 2023 Pleiadian Transmission

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28 Feb. 2023 – 12.25am

Good morning Ashtara! We are the Pleiadians. Thank you for taking our call.

We have been with you many times before, not only in this incarnation. Each time has been at a precarious time in the evolution of your planet and species. You have memories of these times. In Atlantis you warned people of a likely calamity but they didn’t listen. You survived and only one or two others did. Your memories are very clear about this calamity.

We ask you to share them. It may awaken people. That is all for now.


Ashtara’s Commentary

Yes, I do have clear memories of a number of incarnations, many on our precious planet Earth. I was one of the few survivors from the devastating Lemurian calamity, living that life in Australia. Lemuria was once situated in the Pacific ocean. The Pacific Islands are remnants of it.  At that time I was a middle-aged woman dedicated to telling the calamity story to ensure another would never happen again. Passionately, I carved images of the catastrophe on the inside cave wall of my survival home.

It was probably millions of years later that the land and civilisation of Atlantis sank into the Atlantic Ocean. The eradication of Atlantis was a huge global calamity that adversely affected planet Earth, our Solar System and space. The catastrophe occurred during the Age of Leo, the opposing sign to Aquarius, about twelve thousand five hundred years ago. At that time our Solar System was traversing an area of space now referred to as the photon belt. This area of space consists of finer light frequencies.

Because of the sudden, dramatic and unnecessary Atlantean calamity, humanity fell from a high level of consciousness to an extremely low one, losing ancient memories of other lives, knowledge, technologies and experiences. It was as if we were descending in an ever increasing downward consciousness spiral, gathering energetic mass as we fell into the density and heaviness of this third dimension. We became as human animals, unconscious of our past, soul memories, home planet or star system and star family.  And, in some cases, gave away our conscious connection to Prime Creator, the one pure Presence of unconditional love within us all.

Once again planet Earth and all species upon her are journeying through this area of space, for a period of approximately 2,952 years.

What are my Atlantean memories?

I was a young man, about fourteen years old. My father was a renowned scientist who was working on a huge technological project involving crystals. He believed the project was for the greater good of humanity. Bear in mind that the technology we have a today is like kindergarten play toys to that of the advanced Atlantean civilisation. Not only were they more consciously evolved, they were also far more technologically advanced. My father’s speciality involved human brain technology.

Even though I was a male, my right-brain intuitive, sensing and psychic feminine skills were more prominent than my left brain logic. I sensed and felt that the few people who created the crystal project had a different agenda to that which they shared with their employees. This agenda was exceedingly dark.

When I felt certain of my knowing I shared it with my father. I wasn’t believed. He shared my understanding with his superiors. They took immediate action. I was accosted and taken to a large, oval shaped cage which hung between two cliffs. It was here I was to spend my life until the project was successfully completed. I was fed from the side of one cliff via a long retractable plank.

My father realised my intuitive perspective was correct. He also realised that the technological experiment he was working on could go terribly wrong. He uncovered the names of the top project authorities and bargained my life with his, knowing they would have created an escape plan for themselves. He knew his expertise was needed to complete the project.

Just before the selected scientist was about to ‘press the button’ to release the powerful charge, a couple of men collected me and shoved me into their air/space craft. From my higher perspective I saw the total devastation of the land, humans and all other species. The release of energetic charge that not only penetrated deep into Mother Earth also penetrated into the highest heavens. I re-lived this trauma when writing my first book transmitted by the Arcturians – Gaia, Our Precious Planet. Egypt was where we landed. I was shoved out of the craft to create a life on my own.

This time around, I chose to incarnate again at a precarious time in planetary and human evolution. This was between the first and second World Wars. I again decided to live in Australia. Scientists had discovered how to split the atom and this new technology was used to create the atomic bomb. Many experiments took place on animals as well as humans. At this time (1930’s) Pluto had only recently been discovered in the sign of Cancer, connected to home, family, survival and soul memories. Pluto governs the evolution of the soul. Again, the family of man, our consciousness and precious planet were at risk. Another memorable ‘button’ was pressed when, in 1945, the bomb was deliberately activated. The second World War ended. Many humans and animal lost their lives or were severely and adversely contaminated. Gaia felt the pain.

Let’s move on to current time. Transiting Pluto has been in Capricorn for nearly fourteen years. Capricorn is the opposing sign to Cancer. Since the 2nd  World War society has undergone massive transformation. The sleeping ones continue to sleep. The ones awakening seek knowledge and belonging with a tribe of like-minded souls. Intuition and heart-felt feelings are our best guides.

There are many souls now incarnate who experienced life on Atlantis, and their memories are being activated by the higher and finer photon frequencies of light. Technology is now advancing at an accelerated pace as these souls remember the previously known advanced Atlantis science. Many experiments have been, and are taking place. Dark as well as light. We usually don’t hear about either. We can only discover what is allowed to be released, unless we know where else to look.

Those in the higher realms can see higher and wider than can we on planet Earth.

Galactic law does not permit their interference in our consciousness evolution because we were created with free will. Some did so before and during Lemuria, and are still repaying karma. The dark take little notice being so intent on their agenda to get. The Light Beings/Angels can and do warn us personally though our feeling senses, intuition, telepathy and/or via scribes such as myself. It’s our choice as to whether we pay attention to, and take affirmative action upon, our inner guidance.

I have so many clear memories of experiences throughout the evolution of human consciousness on this planet and on other star systems. I’ve written about some of my current life remembrance training on other star systems in my Arcturus Astrology trilogy.  My passion was, and still is, to do what I can to raise human consciousness so humanity won’t fall into the same dense and dark trap and repeat the same calamities as previously. This time around, I write articles and books rather than etchings on a cave wall.


03.03.2023 –  4.10am

Good morning Ashtara – we are the Pleiadians. Thank you for hearing our call and for writing your remembrance story. Our message is brief.

There is to be a shaking up of old beliefs that no longer serve evolutionary purpose. This can be shocking for some people. Disturbances to enable a new way of perceiving life are soon to occur to aid human evolution. The more resistance there is to change, the more challenging will life be. It is the nature of the cosmic energies.

You can elaborate and share your perspective. It may bring understanding to some.

We will come again.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,