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Early March 2023 Astrology News

By March 6, 2023No Comments

Full Moon 16 deg.40mins.Virgo – 7 March 2023 – Saturn’s ingress into Pisces

First comes the Virgo Full Moon, then a few hours later, Saturn moves into Pisces. The Sun, Mercury and Neptune are also currently travelling through Pisces.

I’ll focus writing about Saturn in Pisces. Pisces is a mutable sign. Basically, this means it is adaptable. Pisces can flow with the river of life, adapting to whatever circumstances are encountered as can the other mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini. Virgo likes to work and provide good service. Gemini rules movement, learning and writing and Sagittarius rules beliefs and truth. In the zodiac Sagittarius naturally squares ( 90 degree angle) Pisces. In other words, Pisces can be challenged to change beliefs through the Sagittarius energy.

As the Pleiadian’s asked, I’ll write about some beliefs that may be shaken up “that no longer serve evolutionary purpose. This can be shocking for some people. Disturbances to enable a new way of perceiving life are soon to occur to aid human evolution. The more resistance there is to change, the more challenging will life be. It is the nature of the cosmic energies”.

Pisces is a water sign, and its energy is soft, imaginative, dreamy, and often unmotivated. It can appreciate time alone to enable connection to the inner light and love of Prime Creator. Pisces can often feel submerged under a reservoir of emotion and, sometimes, the walls of that reservoir break enabling repressed and unconscious emotions to arise to the surface of consciousness. These emotions need to be identified, loved and healed to aid permanent transformation. Sincere and genuine feelings of forgiveness may be part of the healing process. We may need to forgive ourselves. Remember, we did the best we could with what we knew at that time.

At this time in our consciousness evolution we’re becoming more knowledgeable and self-aware through self-realisations and can view our lives from a higher perspective to that of maybe ten or twenty years ago.

Pisces feels connected to a Higher Power through meditation, fishing, being in the ocean, artistry, sacred dance, trance/meditative states or music.

Pisces also rules psychic energy. We all have it. Some readers may not yet have leaned to identify and work with it. It can be used for good, or to allow harm to enter our psychic space. It’s a big, and often not spoken about subject! Psychic attacks can occur if we are not self-aware enough to learn to take responsibility for our personal energy field. These psychic attacks can be exceedingly debilitating. Our medical profession appears to have no idea about this energy even though it can lead to mental health issues.

So, what will this change of Saturn’s entry into Pisces mean for you? It’s wise to accept that we create our own reality with our thoughts whether we are consciously aware of this process or not. From responsible self-awareness we can become conscious of the cosmic energies and work advantageously with them. It’s totally up to us as to how we use them. They are there to be used for our spiritual development and our advance into higher consciousness. We can use them to lower our frequency or to raise it. It’s our choice.We were given the gift of free will to live our lives as we choose.

To raise our frequency level we need to believe, without a shadow of doubt, that love is the Source of creation. An unconditionally loving Consciousness some refer to as God, Prime Creator or Great Spirit creates universes, dimensions and all living things. Our soul was created from love and it is to love of our Creator we are returning. How many lifetimes this takes is up to each individual.

Why then do we allow old shadow psychology to take us over? Look twice at the word beLIEf. Maybe because our belief in the love Prime Creator has for us isn’t strong enough?

Since we were born we have been fed lies. Beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation, often based on doctrines brought forth 2,000 – 5,000 years ago by controlling male religious or government sources. Whatever are the lies to be revealed during the Saturn in Pisces process will become evident during the 2.5 year transit. They may have a medical/drug/healing theme. The first signs of the theme involved will most likely emerge this week. Keep your eyes open and always aim for the higher ground – the light in every situation. Become aware of any internal belief resistance and decide to adapt and change.

Saturn is the cosmic Taskmaster, the Lord of Karma. He holds us upright in our integrity, requiring character building and maturity. We cannot escape our karma. What we cause has an effect. Pisces wants to escape. It likes to see the world through rose coloured glasses. Not this time around, Pisces! There’s too much at stake. Humanity is facing a different world. Facing reality is what is needed, rather than creating flights of fancy.

Faith and trust in a loving God/Creator is needed, as is paying close attention to our higher self/soul and acting responsibly and regularly on its guidance. Our truth and wisdom are inside of us. Listen very carefully to what your body has to say. It is such a precious truth instrument. Meditation helps us to still our mind so we can clearly hear our inner guidance.

Saturn requires the development of self-discipline, organisational skills, self-responsibility, emotional and mental maturity, and a long-term goal for the greater good of humanity. Spending effort and time to achieve the goal will be required. Add Pisces, and the long-term goal needs to be inspiring and/or of a musical, water or spiritual nature. Nothing else will satisfy. Do whatever you can to work with diligence and discipline towards your personal spiritual goal, with your spiritual growth playing a major part in it. Be willing to do whatever it takes to manifest it into 3D reality. For example, you may need to practice meditation every day around the same time because this regular discipline can open up a clear channel for higher guidance.

Remember: We have so many helpers and guides in the higher realms who can make themselves known via meditation should you choose to discipline yourself to its daily practice.

Otherwise, a cloudy brain may take over your mind, leading to early dementia and mental illness. Mental fog occurs through the rising to the brain of energetic residue from unconscious psychology. This energy acts like a ball of dark smoke. I know it well and learned to access and mentally capture the cause of it, breathe it up from the lower chakras into my throat, and expel the dark smoke energy through my mouth. It tasted foul. It’s expulsion was a time of rejoicing. The many lifetimes it had been controlling me were over! This disciplined process was a major successfully accomplished achievement! (Saturn)

On the Pisces shadow side: Become aware of how self-harming and suicides are likely to increase, especially in young people. Do they have the experience or the understanding of a higher power? Why do they feel their world is not worth living in? What is it they need help with that the medical profession cannot provide? Why now?

No matter our age, as we grow and evolve we learn to take personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and deeds. They are our creations. Other’s might trigger them.

Under this transit many are likely to learn this valuable lesson in life.

Pisces often prefers to hide, or lose itself in countless movies or video games. It can decide to escape reality another way through taking drugs, alcohol or food. Anything that may temporarily appease the internal emptiness may be tried. Other avoidance additions such as Virgo busyness and excessive use of social media may reach alarming proportions. Saturn will not be at all happy with this avoidance, and serious corrections may occur.

During this 2.5 year period many of us are likely to experience challenges through the loss of a loved one, home or way of life. Grief, loneliness and sadness follow. Challenges to some ‘yet to be realised’ rigid and limiting beliefs are also likely during the next few years. Our faith in a Higher Power may be tested.

Keep love at the forefront of your heart and mind, and you will ride through any turbulent Pisces waves with compassion and grace: Remember: True love has no limits.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,