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Early March 2022 Pleiadian Transmission

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We are the Pleiadians. Your world is in turmoil. Humans are choosing technology over spirituality.

As it was in times long ago, so it is now. Then, a civilisation destroyed itself and a fall into a state of amnesia and darkness occurred. Earth shook. Earthquakes, tsunamis and immense flooding ensued. Written about in ancient texts and known as the great flood when Noah was asked by God to build an ark to rescue pairs of animals from extinction.

An allegory it may be but the story serves as a warning. When the human collective consciousness chooses instant gratification, technology over love and heart-felt creative expression and spiritual connection to Nature, Mother Nature will rebel.

As in the past, so it is in the future. Our scribe has memories of surviving the great cataclysm that occurred in ancient times and has been issuing warnings since 1995 to those who choose to read her books and articles. She persists. Many readers and students has she awakened. We, and others in the invisible realms, have supported her and will continue to do so.

Technology is useful yet when used to harm it can be a weapon of destruction. Currently, in your world today, this is the case. We observe how willingly and without discernment you allow authorities to inject your minds and bodies with controlling devices so you can be electronically manipulated to serve a non-loving agenda. Gaia, the spirit of Earth, will rebel. Humans cannot control Nature even though many think they can.

Our scribe has been alerted. We ask her to share her findings. We will come again.

Ashtara’s Commentary

Put on the spot – again! Some motivational self-talk needed here!
“Come on Ashtara”, I say to myself, “take a brave pill – put on your big girl panties” “Take a deep and long breath”.

Searching throughout my life to solve the mysteries of human life on Earth has been a passion. This week I’ve been able to solve yet another puzzle. As in the solving of most mysteries the final puzzle piece comes from a seemingly unrelated incident.

During my 47 years of marriage I learned a lot, especially about my psychology and how my unconscious dark mental and emotional energy led to illness and accidents. Astrology was, and still is, my wake-up call to truth. My truth! It may not be yours. Everyone’s truth is different. By dedicating myself to self-improvement and spiritual growth, realising that all thought, emotion and body sensations have a vibration, I learned to heal myself from all afflictions. My former husband, a mining engineer, also studied gemmology and geology. He often spoke about Earth’s tectonic plates, and especially those of Pacific Rim saying how unstable they were and how, at some time in the future, there would be a calamity when they crashed together. He showed me diagrams of how this would happen. I was interested but over the ensuing years completely forgot his teaching, until a few days ago.
As the Arcturians and the Pleiadians say, a calamity is to take place on Mother Earth and she will shake. In personal transmissions they say I will survive it, as I did the previous one so long ago. I have accessed my soul memories from that time. During that lifetime of surviving in a cave I developed a passionate mission – “I must tell my story”. At that time I scratched images on the cave walls as my way of explaining the experience. This time around I re-incarnated carrying a soul memory of that time and that mission. This time around I write meaningful stories.

The calamity must be close because I’m 84 years old. How much longer can I live?

A few days ago a friend briefly mentioned a brief video clip she had recently watched, delivered by a South American Canadian researcher. He spoke about the Earth’s tectonic plates becoming problematic. My ears pricked up. Memories stirred. Dots connected in my brain. A wash of comprehension took place. My stomach heaved. This is the connecting “dot” I’d been seeking to make sense of the transmissions.

He speaks of the colliding of Earth’s tectonic plates, and the ensuing earthquakes and tsunamis that will arise from this underground and under the ocean collision. He says the Earth will shake, and shake and shake. Exactly what the Pleiadians and Arcturians have been saying for years!

Behind every physical effect is a metaphysical vibrational cause. When the human collective consciousness dwells on fear the dense vibrational effect causes harm, not only to fellow humans but also to Mother Earth. The vibration of love cannot survive in a fear-based atmosphere. As our cosmic transmitters have said so many times: “Fear is a killer”.

Our higher dimensional friends are doing their best, as are many humans. The way to clear density such as fear, judgements, arrogance, impatience, self-doubt, lack of love etc from our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies is to become consciously aware of these states of being and commit to doing whatever it takes to heal/harmonise them. Positive forward action is needed to enable the higher vibrational energy of self-awareness to fill the former dense empty spaces. Otherwise the dark energy will remain, attracting like and eventually creating illness. Our survival as a species depends upon it. Trivia, superficiality, artificiality, sensory indulgences, main stream media and social media are all distractions that prevent us from focusing on what is real – our personal spiritual evolutionary journey to the Light of higher consciousness. Using your natural creative gift in your own unique way, and sharing it with others will raise not only your vibration but also that of those in your circle. You will learn much about yourself when living life loving what you do. It’s the light way to learn.

From my astrological perspective, the above-mentioned calamity is most likely to occur when transiting Pluto moves through Aquarius. I mentioned this upcoming and extremely important long lasting transit last week. I’ll repeat the details.

Transiting Pluto moves into Aquarius, the opposing sign to Leo on 24 March 2023 for a brief sojourn until 12 June 2023 when it returns to Capricorn. Pluto again moves into Aquarius on 22 January 2024, remaining there until 2 September 2024 when it again returns to Capricorn for it’s final pass through that sign. On 21 November 2024 it will move into Aquarius and stay there for twenty years.

A powerful shocking, unexpected and traumatic event will occur during this transit that will rock, shake and rattle our world.

Again, I implore you to tune in to your bodies and minds to extract your special creative gift, and, with love in your hearts, decide to follow this path of joy. Your life will change for the better, and the vibration of light you generate through your internal changes will spread to others. You can make a difference. Planet Earth and humanity needs your love and light vibration now more than ever before.

Pleiadian Transmission

Thank you for hearing our call.

We seek to inform, not to alarm.

We do not exist in a solid form as do you. We are beings of light. The dimension where we exist is always in the band of light your scientists call the photon band.  Our star system is called the Pleiades and our main star is Alcyone. Other stars in our system are not always in the photon band. Your Solar System has a star, your Sun at it’s centre with planets orbiting around it. It is a planetary system.

Our system is stellar, comprising of stars. A star generates its own light.  A planetary system relies on the central Sun  for its light.

When humans learn to generate from within their own light, the other planets in your system will also learn. Our scribe has taught and written about this evolutionary process for many years.

We are the Pleiadians and will come again.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,