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Early March 2021 Arcturus Transmissions

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In time to come, when humans have awakened to deeper truths, many of the wars will cease. Wars are usually fought over strong beliefs. Beliefs are changing.

We bring Light to those who ask for it – cosmic Light, similar to, but not the same as, sunlight. Most species need light to survive and thrive. Plants need light.  We Arcturians bring Cosmic Light to situations where shadows exist.

We need to be asked to do so because we adhere to the Universal Law of non-interference.

With love in our hearts and a desire to serve Prime Creator’s Great Work, we gladly assist humans who seek the Light of higher consciousness.

Aware of the levels of Light each human can handle, we deliver according to this capacity.  Too much Light downloaded at the one time can harm the human system. As our scribe often says – ‘too much Light (higher knowledge/consciousness) can fry the system, causing the brain to blow a fuse’. We enjoy her simple and graphic descriptions.

For those with eyes to see, this Light is visible. It glows from within, radiating outside the body into the energy field. It can also be felt, as tingles. The brain computes the incoming sensory information and memories are activated. Intuition ignites, and truth is revealed.

We are the Arcturians, we love you dearly, and will come again”.


As humans work through the deep causes of psychological traumas and begin taking responsibility for having created them, their lives will change. Gone will be fear, limitations, and weaknesses. In their place will be psychological strength and greater awareness of formerly hidden gifts and talents. These will be unique, and need to be shared for the greater good of the whole. This is the process of evolution. It comes from within. The effects of inner transformation through self-realisations, those epiphany moments, lead to individual and collective change.

When each human is willing to seek from within cause of their problems, a huge wave of evolutionary growth will occur. It is already in process. The movement will not cease, only increase.

The light within is becoming too strong to ignore. The light will prevail.

When one human awakens to the Christ Light within, the resultant release of Light awakens others. You, as an individual spark of God are so precious because you contribute to the collective.  You can contribute positively through the Light of your conscious self-awareness, or you can choose to remain in the dark of ignorance.

We ask you to choose the Light.

We are the Arcturians, we love you dearly, and will come again.


Ashtara’s commentary relative to the following Record Keepers’ transmission.

During this past week, I’ve been able to ‘crack a few codes’ to enable clearer perception of my new teaching. As my students will appreciate, it’s a cause for celebration!  Since 2007, when I was taught, during meditation, an advanced astrology system in an etheric “school” on the star system of Arcturus, I’ve been attempting to decode the teaching. I wrote two books to aid the process, available on my website.  These two books describe my extraordinary adventures into higher dimensional realms, and the advanced teaching I received, via the experiences. The only thing was: I didn’t know I was being taught a cosmic system at the time. I thought I was experiencing amazing adventures to enable an expansion of my consciousness.

This cosmic system I’ve named Arcturus Astrology, later taught to me, and others in the class, is now operational. Its’ purpose: to accelerate the advance of the collective human consciousness through the transduction (down stepping) of greater cosmic Light.

What has been the challenge was to identify the method I intuitively used to experience all I did, so I can teach students to do the same. It’s been challenging because I felt that, not only was my mind being stretched, but there was also a package of ancient knowledge awakening in my memory banks relative to the new teaching. I likened this contained knowledge to being sealed in an old rusty tin can. My ‘job’ was to open the can and reveal the contents. However, my tool for opening the can was obsolete i.e.- my brain.  What to do? I persisted with the tool I had. I imagined this to be an old style can opener. The Record Keepers must have enjoyed my laborious process because they make comment about it in the transmission below! I hope you enjoy their commentary. They asked me to share it.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,