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Early June 2020

By June 5, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

“In times gone by, and in times to come, a more natural way of life will be lived. Nature will be loved and respected for all she provides. Why have humans tried to dominate Nature?

It is as it is.

The frequency of love is the greatest healer. When this frequency is generated within the hearts and minds of most people on Earth, life will be harmonious. Wars will be obsolete and unity will prevail. Unity between individuals and Prime Creator; unity within families, groups and nations. Love heals.

The love Prime Creator feels for every human being can be likened to that of a mother to a child. A maternal and unconditional love, there is also acceptance and gratitude for the great gift of new life. Feelings of wonderment and awe for the creative process accompanies the unconditional love. In Prime Creator’s eyes every human being is precious, and is loved for who they are. You are precious. We ask you to realise this. You are an important part of the great hologram of life.

Imagine a spider’s web. All parts of it keep the web intact.  When one part breaks the entire web is affected. When one human breaks connection to Prime Creator the hologram (the great web of life) suffers. It is as it is.

Love is the essence of Prime Creator within your heart. Build up your love vibration.  It is this vibration that will sustain you in times to come.

We love you dearly and will come again.”


“We come on this early winter morning to bring tidings of joy.  Another wave of human awakening is taking place. Under the Full Moon in Sagittarius ancient memories are stirring. Memories of truth. In your past history many women, wise to the ways of natural living, practiced their craft through ritual and healing. They respected Nature, gathering and growing herbs to make potions to heal specific health problems. Growing Nature’s healing herbs according to the Moon’s cycles was part of their daily activities. They are remembering, and are doing these practices again.

Another of their practices was based on the knowledge of longevity. Your ancient religious texts refer to humans who lived for hundreds of years. To some living now, this appears to be a fantasy. Not so. Living a self-aware life, conscious of Nature’s healing properties, and appreciative of them, is another memory awakening in the souls of many. The feminine principle within human souls is the container of wisdom. The goddess, as this principle was known, is awakening. She was revered, and will be so again. She will be heard.

We rejoice. Another wave of remembrance of truth is taking place.The goddess knows.  Her truth comes through intuition and feeling. It is so.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again.”


Love and blessings,