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Early Jun 2023 Astrology News

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The Cycle of Chiron around the Sun

Chiron’s cycle has an elliptical orbit of approximately 50 years around the Sun. People who are close to their 50th birthday will experience a Chiron return to it’s placement in their birth chart. Chiron’s transit to a birth place position can last for 2 -3 years. Those who are pre-programmed by their soul to “wake-up” often do so at a Chiron return. The process may not be pleasant. Old psychological wounds, not only from this life-time, but from life times in other existences can arise, through dreams and deep-seated emotional feelings.

Some may suffer a physical illness. All are “wake-up” calls.  Wake up to what? “To the content buried in the subconscious realms that block spiritual expansion and growth”, is the answer.  When this psychological content is blocked, the resistant energy seeks release in the best way it can. It can take a few years before the individual realises the greater self-awareness that has been developed through the Chiron activation.

Chiron rocked into our Solar System from outer space, being discovered on November 1st 1977. It confounded the astronomers of the time so was referred to by them as a asteroid, comet, planetoid and centaur. Astrologers took note, and began working with it’s energy from that time.

Since then, a huge wave of alternate healing remedies and practices have been developed, probably resurrected through soul memories. Chiron was a Centaur, half horse half human. There are many myths and tales about Chiron in ancient texts. Chiron was an astrologer  and a healer, using astrology and ancient sacred wisdom as his tools. His wound was to the left side of his body – the spiritual or feminine side. Our feminine collective consciousness has a wound to the feminine that is slowly being addressed as women are now being valued more highly than previously for their intuitive and psychic insights and wisdom. There are still many macho men, rulers and leaders who deny their own feminine nature, and that of females. It seems as if Chiron is having an energetic influence on bringing about change to this collective mind set, with females leading the way, opening the door to the resistant masculine’s mind.

His glyph in a birth chart is of a K with a circle under the straight leg.

Some of the themes and key words his energy arouses in the human psyche are: Awareness, key, opener, alienation, separation, healer, oracle, inadequate, abandonment, isolation, little, inferior, seclusion, teacher, maverick, natural health and healing.

During meditations I worked with Chiron whenever he activated birth chart placements. You can also do this meditation process using my “Invoking the Planets” meditation available on my website. Chiron told me he provides the KEY for turning the key in the lock that opens human minds to higher consciousness.

With dedication and intent you can also use this imaginary key to turn the lock in your mind to open the mind to greater self-realisations. When opened, you may be surprised at what your Higher Mind has to say.

The following is an except from my astrology workbook” Your Recipe for Empowerment through Spiritual Astrology” volume two. 

          “I would like you to imagine a festering sore. This sore is growing larger, no matter what you apply on to it, or inject into it. It won’t go away. It has a core. It is this core that is the essence of the problem. The core contains particles of dense matter. When the core is accessed and the matter released, the festering sore begins to heal. This is the role of Chiron in our birth charts.….Deep dysfunctional psychological  patterning can scar us for life unless we are willing to address the problem ourselves, and heal it. This usually means going back to the source of the original wounding. The wound is simply a blockage to the flow of life force energy, and, as such, forms a short circuit in our energy system. Energy needs to flow through the body freely in order for good health to be experienced on all levels, and wherever there is blockage, stagnation occurs. Chiron’s energy assists us to raise our consciousness and move beyond our animalistic, robotic and reactive nature.” 

          Currently, Chiron’s astrological position is 18 degrees 49 mins. Aries. Wherever you have Aries in your birth chart is where Chiron has already or will energetically activate  that placement.  It will also activate the other associated cardinal signs as Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. You may wish to refer to your birth charts to ascertain your personal experience of Chiron.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,