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Early July 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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Multi-Dimensional Viewing


Early this morning I had the good fortune to carefully observe within my mind’s eye a multi-dimensional light show of intense brightness, mostly containing the colour of golden yellow. What I viewed in my head was Nature at her finest – with so much beauty and grandeur it took my breath away. I observed a series of images all merging with each other into amazing natural creations. Clear, bright, radiating energy of life, the creations shimmered, glowed  and moved, seemingly in wave formation yet still maintaining their essence. Inside my mind’s eye nothing was static. All was gentle movement.  The most predominant colour and shapes were of trees. The leaves on the gently swaying trees were bright golden yellow. Almost too bright to watch. The spectacular natural lightNature show lasted for maybe an hour before I tired. It was awe inspiring. I knew I was experiencing a higher dimension  to that of 3D earth. It was so close and real.

I felt incredibly privileged to have experienced this glimpse into a higher and finer dimension of experience. Hours later I realised the Arcturian’s message selected earlier was relative to this experience. Synchronicity!   I realised how the synchronicities that arise in our lives are wonderful indicators of our level of consciousness.

Many readers have asked me to share some of my experiences in France.  I will do so briefly.
I was given a mission by the Arcturians -of three parts.

First part: Upon the request of Mary Magdalen to the Arcturians I was asked to journey to France with women from my volunteer support group who chose to come.  My personal spiritual service work was to access a dormant part of my right brain that contained  a strand of the ancient sacred wisdom teachings Mary Magdalen knew so well. I figured this would be relative to esoteric/evolutionary astrology because it was in 1996 when I began my training in evolutionary astrology, that Mary Magdalen first made herself known to me, saying she wanted to assist me to remember and reclaim  this wisdom strand from within my soul memories.

15 women from six different countries nestled into the small town of Quillan situated in a valley surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains.  The river Aude ran through the village and it was along this river that  Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalen and their families travelled after Jesus’ crucifixion experience, seeking their new home.  This  new home was to be with a group of fellow Essenes already living in an existing settlement. As I understand it, this was situated close to the base of Mt. Bugarach in the Languadoc area of southern France. In this area is where Mary Magdalen is much loved and worshipped and is where she taught her perspective of the ancient sacred mysteries she had learned in the Egyptian temples of Isis.

I was asked to teach the group the sacred circle dance Paneurythmy and dance it in a special spot at sunrise of the solstice, 21st June. We also danced on 22nd  because I’ve found that the 22nd has a more feminine numerical vibration than the masculine energy of the previous day. Nature rejoiced as we danced at sunrise dressed in white beside the river Aude with the water gurgling and sparkling in the early morning rays of the  Sun. The group shared their unity, joy, love and light with the town, community and Nature. The local bakery owner cried when it was time for us to depart  Two days before the solstice some of us had climbed Mt Bugarach and danced Paneurythmy at the top amongst a field of wild yellow flowers. We did our work well – in unity, with lightness of spirit and joy-filled hearts. Quillan was the perfect place to stay for the twelve days.

I accomplished my mission – as per usual through experience. When experiencing, I know truth. What were my experiences? I’ll be brief.   A couple of days after arrival  and as a group we travelled up a long, windy and narrow road until we reached a small and very old church situated on the top of a hill. The surrounding countryside was beautiful. Entering the church I began to feel uncomfortable. I walked over to the right side front to be near the many paintings/drawings of Mary Magdalen. She was not comfortable within me, saying that the energy in the church needed cleaning.  My friend Carolyn passed on her message to activate the room. I did. I asked the group to harmoniously and lovingly continuously tone from their hearts the sound of OM. The harmony was incredible and the energy inside the church began clearing immediately. Light filled the internal space where dark energetic shadows of masculine violence against women had existed.   More work  needed to be done.  I intuited there was a powerful vortex underneath the building that needed re-activating.  As this activation work was taking place the clean released energy from the vortex ‘flew’ directly and immediately to the vortex at the bottom of my garden in Maleny and then to Uluru. A sacred fiery triangle formed, connecting the three earth vortexes.

I walked outside.  One by one the other group members emerged – some incredibly tearful because of what they had been shown about the treatment of women that had taken place in earlier times in this little church. More work was to be done outside.  There was still an energetic stranglehold surrounding the building.  Those of us being inwardly guided, intuitively and lovingly returned the land to it’s pristine energetic state. A tremendous group effort had taken place, with individuals aligned  as one with group meaning and purpose.

At the top of Mt Bugarach, another triangle connected three mountain-top areas on our planet where the sacred circle dance Paneurythmy, that energetically and geometrically connects heaven to earth, was once danced. These places were Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains of Peru, (an ancient esoteric training school), the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria where the dance originated through the spiritual  work of Ascended Master Peter Deunev, and Mt Bugarach in the Pyrenees Mountains of France where I believe the Languadoc Essenes danced similarly at the equinoxes and solstices.

The pilgrimage mission was successful on many levels – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and socially. Much was personally learned and realised. Love, joy, gratitude, faith and trust were the overarching energies within the group. .

Part Two of our Mission is to take place in September and we have no idea what is in store except that it is to take the form of a Retreat.

A very big thank you to all readers who responded to the Arcturian’s early 2023 invitation to support me.  Who could have imagined it would take us on a journey to France and elsewhere?